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outfit // snow day


As everyone in the nation (who wasn’t living under a rock) heard, the East had its first winter wallop of the year this week. It was far less intense than it was made out to be so I’ve now got jugs of water in my apartment still to be drank but hey – better to be over-prepared than under-prepared, right? (A lesson Hurricane Sandy reinforced for me actually.) As long as people are able to remain indoors and safe, I personally really love snow days. Sure it makes for some hysteria and public transit nightmares but there is something so peaceful about seeing the crazy city that is Manhattan blanketed in snow.


After living in California for 8 years, I have come to really love the seasons that New York has to offer (you take the good with the bad) and “snow days” here always remind me of growing up in Chicago. My family took major advantage of blizzards. My dad would build these unbelievably cool bobsleds in the backyard that started up at our deck and then curved down into the backyard. We’d take inner-tubes and sleds down them, all bundled in our snow gear and see whose tube could go the farthest. The neighborhood kids would come over and my mom would capture mine and my siblings’ best runs on video. They are still some of my favorite home movies to watch to this day. And there were snowball fights and the building of forts. My mom would lend us her tupperware and my sister and brothers and I would mold snow into them and then unpack them as though they were our food for the coming months. We were carefully storing up. The imaginations we had! Some of my best memories with my family have been made in snow and they all come flooding back when the flakes start to fall.


I took these photos just as the snow had started in New York on Monday and by the time we finished it had picked up even more. Tuesday my office closed and I got to spend the day in my pajamas, drinking tea and making avocado toast alongside my roommates while we all worked and it was so cozy and nice. It makes you appreciate your home and surroundings a bit more when you can curl up inside a warm home, you know?


I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I promptly changed into snow boots for the walk to the office this particular day however but I do need to call attention to this bag. I found it at Forever21 of all places and for just $22 it resembles something so much more expensive! I shocked my girlfriends with its origin while out last Friday night. And it comes in 4 colors! I chose gray since I didn’t have anything in my closet that color.

And while I was late to the Patagonia bandwagon, I got this jacket for Christmas and am pretty in love. It’s not the Patagonia you see everywhere, rather it has this great over-sized high collar and asymmetrical zipper making it just a bit more chic and wearable with outfits like this (although I’ve also been wearing it to run errands in every weekend since getting it.)

Finally – new hair! Got the ol’ color touched up and got a (very) overdue haircut that resulted in several inches being snipped. Am I the only one who has regrets every time they get their hair cut? It always feels like too much is gone! But hey, my hair grows like a weed so it’ll be back before I know it…

Hope you’re having a great week & Happy Thursday (it’s almost) Friday!



Madewell shirt (last seen here)

Distressed Black Jeans

Suede + Leather Booties (on sale!)

Puffer Jacket

Forever21 Chain Strap Crossbody (I also bought this one)

J.Crew Hat

[Bekka Palmer Photography]

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Wednesday Wish List

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 5.47.57 PM

There’s something so striking about neutrals in the Winter. You know I love wearing my white denim and my cream coat, but they also signal the sign of Spring to come I think. Ever since moving to New York I feel like I am more drawn to dark colors (black always seem to work, doesn’t it?) but right now I’ve got my eye on pretty pieces in ivory, taupe & beige.

Silk Dress // Ivory Blazer (the cut on this is so flattering) // Legging Jeans (love the wash)

iPhone case // Handbag // Midi Ring Set // Ankle Strap Sandals

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outfit // hardware



I started this particular day pumped to debut these boots and the day quickly got interesting thanks to these tights. In Cincinnati last week I was wearing them and snagged a small hole in the top left thigh while driving with a bedazzled rings (damn the jewelry!) Thinking it wouldn’t be an issue, I donned the tights again last week and after meeting Bekka to shoot these photos, tried to tuck the hole under my skirt…and it ripped allllllllllllll the way down my leg.


At 8:30 in the morning I was due to a doctor’s appointment by 9 am and so after my appointment, no stores on the UES were open so I put the tights on backwards knowing it would bother me less. Yep, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.


Later I found myself buying the worst drugstore tights ever to swap out in the bathroom at work. A truly glamorous day, can you tell? I always felt a little silly buying nice tights but now I know why – trust me – do not buy tights at a drugstore (insert shudder here.)


Anyhow at least I had these boots to get me through the day. I found them at one of my favorite NYC boutiques for – just wait — $99 after the holidays and nearly squealed to the sales associates. I’d had my eye on them for nearly a year so I think it was fate. It turned out to be the fate for both my roommates as well who promptly bought them after me. The hardware on them is just the coolest, right? (PSA: these boots also come in a rain boot version and I’m pretty sure rain boots don’t get any chicer.)



Dramatics aside, I headed into the weekend needing some major unwinding. I achieved this in celebrating my friend Carrie’s birthday (can you believe the happiness in this photo!? I adore it!), saw my friend Amy for coffee, got my hair cut + colored (see here!), took an SLT class (hurts SO good) and enjoyed relaxing in my bed watching Gilmore Girls much of the other time. (I bought new pillows on Saturday and am now newly obsessed with lazy sleep-in mornings.)


I hope you had a great weekend and if you’re out East – stay warm & safe in all this expected snow!


Cashmere Sweater

Banana Republic Necklace (similar here for only $30)

Zara Skirt

Loeffler Randall Boots

Sophie Hulme Bag

DKNY Tights (RIP!)

Celine Sunglasses

[Bekka Palmer Photography

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