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December 21, 2018


Happy Friday! Can you believe we are entering one of the last weekends of 2018? I am in disbelief as I remember writing my 2018 goals like it was yesterday! I am so looking forward to celebrating the Christmas holiday with my family next week and have been loving being in Colorado the past week.

As a head’s up I will have a post going live tomorrow and then I’m going to be heading into an abbreviated posting schedule. No posts next Monday or Tuesday and in January I will be posting less as I ease into the New Year and recover from the massive amount of posts I’ve been doing the past two months! Friendly reminder you can get all new posts straight to your inbox when they’re published by signing up here.

I have a post going live tomorrow but wanted to take a moment to wish you a wonderful Christmas! May you all be able to unplug and rest up next week!


  • Flew to Colorado! I am so happy to be home and spending time on the slopes.


  • I laughed so hard during this video. Brilliant!
  • Relatedly, this was an excellent ad.
  • This article made me so sad. The state of “influencers” right now is depressing. Fake followers, huge loop giveaways that never actually give anything away, comment pods and now pretending you’re sponsored when you’re actually not? As someone who has been blogging for 12 years it breaks my heart to see an industry that started all about community come to these sorts of practices.
  • This guide makes me want to go to Savannah! Have you ever been?
  • I always love Blair’s end of year recaps. (My own will be coming on 12/31!)
  • SO happy about this news.
  • I live in my denim so I will be bookmarking this post on how to properly care for your jeans.



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