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September 21, 2011


brunch in brooklyn / jeweled at work / off to broadway to see jersey boys / sequins & boyfriend jeans / the u.s. open / equipment + zara

If you read this blog regularly you know it’s only here and there that I sneak in a full outfit post. While I wish I could capture more of my personal style to share with you all, my full time job and lack of hired personal photographer (wouldn’t that be a dream!) just doesn’t allow me to do so. Alas, I try and share snippets here and there via Instagram (as so) which is my favorite app ever. Here are some recent shots…happy Wednesday, all! XO

p.s. with all my running around Manhattan, these little lifesavers from Stiletto Hardware have been a godsend! Highly recommended if you’re a heel-wearing gal like myself.


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