Introducing Paris, Perfected – The Guides

November 9, 2021

Paris, Perfected Travel Guides

Today I am so excited to be introducing the latest extension of the Paris, Perfected brand! Meet the Paris, Perfected Guides. The guides are category-specific and are PDF downloads delivered to you immediately following purchase to help you prepare for your Paris trip.

Paris, Perfected – The Guides

If you’re not familiar with my brand Paris, Perfected – it’s the travel planning service I launched in 2019 that offers personalized Paris trip planning recommendations based on your preferences. It provides special details, exclusive promotions and tips to make your next trip to Paris the best one yet. Perfect if you are visiting for the first time or regularly travel to the City of Lights, my recommendations take the hassle out of planning a trip to Paris and provide you curated recommendations you won’t find on the web.

Every Paris, Perfected Plan I do is highly customized based on what you tell me about your trip. The final PDF I deliver to clients is anywhere between 12 and 21 pages depending on the plan booked. Each order takes a lot of time due to the custom nature.

The Paris, Perfected Plans offer personalized recommendations based on what’s important to you when you travel and the orders also include exclusive insider tips, promotional pricing, a packing guide, souvenirs I recommend, safety and transportation tips and special extras you won’t get anywhere else thanks to my relationships with local businesses.

Paris, Perfected The Guides

I know that tacking on $100 or $200 to your overseas trip can feel like a stretch for some. So The Guides were designed to be more affordable, petite-sized recommendations based on what matters to you most when you travel. So, unlike the Paris, Perfected Plans, the guides are category-specific and they aren’t tailored to you so I am able to offer them at a more wallet-friendly price.

When you purchase a guide you won’t reap the benefits of exclusive insider tips, promotional pricing, packing guidance, photo spots and special extras but you will get my favorites broken down by category and delivered to you immediately!

The Guides – just as the plans do – feature only places that have been personally vetted by me. And they don’t give every recommendation I have of course – but included in the PDF emailed to you after you purchase offers enough to give you a great start while in Paris. 

I am initially launching just two guides this year for $25 a piece. They include my Cafés Guide and my Boulangeries & Pâtisseries Guide.

The Cafés Guide:

There’s nothing that quite compares to the Paris café scene and sitting enjoying breakfast or a coffee outside at one is my favorite pastimes when in the city. Those included are some of my tried and true favorites.

The Boulangeries & Pâtisseries Guide:

In my opinion, a trip to Paris isn’t complete if you’re not eating delicious bread and pastries each day you’re there. I’ve heavily researched many a spot to enjoy sweet treats and divine carbohydrates and these are my personal favorites.

The plan is to roll out more guides in 2022 – priced all at either $25 or $50 – including neighborhood guides to some of the city’s most popular arrondissements as well.

I offer so much free content on Paris through wit & whimsy so the Paris, Perfected Plans and Guides are designed truly for those in trip planning mode and they help supplement all the free content I create. The Guides will be updated after each and every trip I take to Paris so they will continue to be refreshed unlike past blog posts that aren’t updated as frequently.

I so appreciate your support of all things Paris, Perfected & thank you so much for being here and supporting my work! I can’t wait to hear your feedback when you buy a Paris, Perfected Guide!

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