"That’s so Audrey!"

January 8, 2007

With her popularity at its height in the 1960s, one would think that her essential style elements would have come and gone, but quite the opposite when it comes to the timeless trends that Audrey Hepburn created. She continues to have an influence on the international world of style and popularized looks that women everywhere still try and to create to this very day. Below you’ll find a guide to looking “so Audrey”

The little black dress
The design should be classic, timeless, and be looked as though it is being pulled off effortlessly. Your little black dress should not show too much skin and should be tasteful in all of its elements. Be able to dress it up and down to get the most out of it.

They should be of the large variety, but nothing that makes your face overwhelmed. You want your bone structure to still be seen. The glasses should not be overly trendy, but flattering. Also, unless you want, your glasses need not have a designer’s name splashed across the frames.

Ballet Flats
There’s a multitude from which to choose, but you want them to be sturdy enough to support your foot, so those with no real frame or sole are not the best choices. These shoes tend to be affordable so you can get pairs in a variety of colors and prints. If you want a really unique pair and are willing to pay for a bit higher price tag, try French Sole a darling English brand that makes the world’s most comfortable and stylish flats.

Understated Jewelry
Unlike her look in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, in real life Audrey Hepburn sported only minimal jewelry. A pair of diamond-studded pearls often adorned her earlobes and for more dress events she chose a strand of pearls or diamonds.

*Keep in mind that while you can obtain pieces that Ms. Hepburn made extremely popular, she, herself, did not truly believe in trends. Audrey believed the best way to feel good in clothes was to develop your own style and be comfortable in it.


Caution: Addiction could ensue…

January 1, 2007

About a year ago a friend of mine introduced me to the website ShopBop.com and I’ve since become an avid fan of the fun and fashionable site that offers up great prices on tons of brands that you love to keep a lookout for! C&C, 7 for All Mankind, Theory, Splendid, Juicy, True Religion– ShopBop has them all and at better prices than you’ll find in boutiques or department stores. Sign up for e-mails to get advanced notice of sales too. Offering bags, jewelry, shoes, and articles on trends in addition to all the great clothes, you may easily find yourself visiting this site each and every day! And besides- isn’t the start of a new year the perfect excuse to add to your wardrobe??

Cheers! Wishes and Resolutions for a witty 2007!

December 31, 2006

Tonight, all around the world, cocktails of all sorts will be raised to ring in the new year, 2007. Each year we promise ourselves certain resolutions, but oftentimes (at least I know this to be true of myself…) we let ourselves slip as the months go by and we retire right back into our old habits.

So this year I propose a different way of going about those ‘new year’s resolutions’. A big fan of to-do lists, last January a friend and I sat down to create a ‘To Do in the New Year’ list and placed 5 items on our respectable pieces of paper. They ranged in topic from learning how to make a great mojito to getting a guy to commit. With our lists in hand we set forth to place checks in the tiny boxes by each to-do item and this approach seemed to really work!

So try to make your list and the things you place on it don’t need to be drastic items like ‘Lose 50 pounds’ or ‘Fall in Love’. Have you just been craving a Burberry scarf for years? Put it on your list and use it as a treat for accomplishing other ‘to-dos’ that can be done throughout the year. This way you’re guaranteeing yourself a few resolutions that will become reality and as for the ones you don’t finish? Add ’em to 2008!

Happy New Year to all!