Trends We Love: One Shouldered Numbers

August 5, 2008

At this year’s Teen Choice Awards Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively could not have looked better. Not only did she nail this one-shouldered hotness, but rocked the Fall’s hottest color- purple. (I don’t even have to mention how amazing her legs look!)

BCBG always has hot tops and we especially love this one (pictured here). Perfect for post-work outings or cocktails hour with the girls. Plus the bow is right in line with this summer and fall fashion trends for 2008.

Another great find currently available is this fabulous Rachel Pally dress (see below) – I love, love her dresses and lightweight, but totally chic fabrics and designs. They are often featured by fashion reporters and also were showcased on The Today Show this past Fall. I sort of maybe really want this dress! Plus this sapphire blue could not be more in right now!

So head out and pick up a one shouldered number and make it your own. It’s instantly chic and totally WITty!

Photos courtesy of and FabSugar


Grabbing groceries with Joe (Trader Joe that is)

August 3, 2008

I’ve kind of always secretly loved grocery shopping. I’ve yet to figure out exactly why, but I do know that since becoming a city girl my best foodie friend goes by the name of Trader Joe. The store is amazing and completely caters to the WIT on a budget and those WITs looking to count those ever-pesky calories.

Trader Joe Highlights for the WIT:

1. Cheap (and I mean cheap) Wine!
Barefoot runs about $3 and TJ’s carries Spanish, French, and American wines so you can easily pick up several bottles that you’ve probably never tried and very well be on your way to finding a new favorite. Oh and do I even need to mention that Trader Joe’s is the home of two buck chuck? Enough said.

2. Pretty, pretty Produce
TJ’s carries great produce that always tastes as good as it looks. Their grapes, asparagus and tomatoes always find their way into my cart and other options include pre-packed fruit in fours, bags of potatoes and lemons and beautiful melons.

3. Pre-made Salads
One of my absolute TJ faves: BBQ Chicken Salad. Trader Joe’s has an enormous election of pre-made salads that come with fresh ingredients and great combinations that you could easily place in a nice bowl and tell someone it was from a restaurant and they’d absolutely believe you. These are perfect for the budgeting WIT on the go- grab one in the a.m. and you’re set for lunch at work!

4. Various Other Favorites
I have also come to love the Light Brie, Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels, dried fruit packages (keep a bag in your desk drawer to curb cravings as the fruit will satisfy your sweet tooth and save you a whole lot of unnecessary calories), granola with dried berries and their prosciutto- mmm!

Head here to find your local Trader Joe’s and bon appetite!

Photo courtesy of Trader Joe’s


Microsoft has just announced the results to what I think is a completely cool study. MSNBC’s article here describes all the detail that went into the research, but it truly is a small world after all. Check it out:

“With records of 30 billion electronic conversations among 180 million people from around the world, researchers have concluded that any two people on average are distanced by just 6.6 degrees of separation, meaning that they could be linked by a string of seven or fewer acquaintances.”

So I guess it’s not just living in San Francisco that makes it feel like you have an insane amount of connections when you meet friends of friends and strangers. It’s kind of nice to know that despite the size of the earth- we’re all a lot closer than we think.

In light of all this, if you don’t already use it- check out Google Talk or ‘gchat’ as the we like to refer to it. Much more popular than AIM today, it automatically loads those you e-mail with Gmail accounts and makes it easy for you to chat right within your inbox. Now keeping in touch with other gals is all the more easy. Got 2 Luv That. 🙂

photos courtesy of and google