Color Me (and my nails) Fall

September 5, 2008

The Fall is so near and with it comes some of my favorite things:

– Leaves crunching beneath your feet
– The start of the holiday season!
– Cozy sweaters
– Warm lattes
– Deep and rich clothing color palettes…

So in honor of the Fall color palettes, we mark the fun of dark nail polishes! Always adding a bit of an edge, dark nails have become even more popular in the past several years. Black was two years ago, deep burgundy last year and with this Fall, companies like Essie & OPI are releasing rich chocolate colors for you to play with.

So before the trend catches on completely- run out and get a bottle and let your nails make a statement and welcome in Fall!

photos courtesy of Essie & OPI


A WIT's way to Get LinkedIn

September 4, 2008

Any WIT knows that your professional relationships are key to your professional success. LinkedIn wants to help you to achieve this success through its networking site. I don’t use it enough, but I should more. It definitely has some improvements it can make, but for now it’s a good way to reach out to those with whom you’ve worked or would like to in the future. Use the site to make connections and open doors to even more professional endeavors.

LinkedIn has more than 25 million users worldwide and represents some 150 industries. Join here. You’ll be glad you do!

photo courtesy of LinkedIn

Sugary Sweet Sprinkles

Mmm cupcakes. Who wants to take me to LA right now and we can go to Sprinkles?! I’m obsessed and they just started Key Lime ones- yummy! This makes me want to try all of them and get back to Beverly Hills. I stood in the rain in line to get my hands on a gorgeous cupcake my last time in LA. When will they get to San Francisco? (And I’m not talking about the make your own versions from Williams-Sonoma). *Sigh* The way to a WIT’s heart…cupcakes! (Among other things, but of course!)

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