WIT gadget: Wii Fit

August 30, 2008

What are the odds that a video game system and some positive journalistic reviews could make me work out? Odds are slim, but frankly the idea of playing faux tennis or going faux skiing on the Wii Fit sounds down right fun.

My friend and I were aboard the cable car the other day discussing whether this intriguing technology trend which actually get our butts off the couch and into living more “active” lifestyles when the lady next to us began singing its praises. But what’s there to it I wondered?

Acting like a cross between a personal trainer and a video game, “Wii Fit” offers up more than 40 different exercises and activities that are supposed to help those who play it not only get into shape but actually have fun while getting into shape.

Check out a full review of Wii Fit on MSNBC here.

If you’re a WIT that’s tried Wii tell me how it is!

photo courtesy of MSNBC


w&w Guide to: Purse Essentials

August 28, 2008

A girl’s got to have her bag. It contains all the necessities needed throughout the day and brings our outfits together. Bags can be functional. Bags can be fun. Bags can be big and small and colorful. The options for bags are endless, but what’s really important is what do WITs have IN their bags?

Some Essentials:

1. Cell phone

2. Lip gloss
I always have both a lip balm- Burt’s Bees is my preference- and a lip gloss (ok, I actually always have several lip glosses) at hand for instant – and totally necessary – touch ups throughout the day

3. iPod
Critical at times you’re forced to wait (i.e.; the doctor’s office) or need to bear the commute (i.e, everyone on the bus is loud and obnoxious and you need to drone them out). Check out all the latest types here.

4. Pressed powder
Goes without saying that every WIT needs a pick-me up sometimes and plus- you never know who you’re going to meet!

5. Stationery
Until you have a few notes at hand in your bag, you’ll never know how useful it truly is. When you remember about that thank you note you forgot to write ages ago or have the time to drop a line to a friend, it’s always nice to be able to grab a spare piece of stationery and draft up a little something. Stock up at your nearest Paper Source (I am obsessed with this place)!

6. Gum
When you can’t brush your teeth, gum is your new bff. Always, always have a pack in your purse and try out all of Orbit’s new yummy flavors.

7. Business Cards
A professional WIT should, at all times, be able to whip out a business card. Loads of companies make cute cases now too (like Franklin Covey) so be sure to get your hands on one of those. Even better for impressing prospective clients and prospective dates!

What other essentials do you WITs always have in your bag?

photo courtesy of Michael Kors

Cute, Culinary Gals

Are you a WIT that likes to cook? Then let Williams-Sonoma be your new best friend. We all know the fab WS for all our culinary needs when it comes to stocking our kitchens and meeting all our houseware needs. But what about learning techniques so we can use all our fun gadgets and cute cookware?

Williams-Sonoma offers cooking technique class that every WIT should take advantage of because they are free! The full calendar is available here and the classes vary from how to use All Clad (every WIT aspires to have a kitchen stocked with this line!) so they can be seen in all their glory to making delicious finishing sauces or make the recipes from a featured cookbook.

The classes change each month so sign up for their newsletter so you’re always up to date on what they are offering. Now make like a chef and get in the kitchen (and actually make something worthwhile!)

photo courtesy of Williams-Sonoma