Cheers! Wishes and Resolutions for a witty 2007!

December 31, 2006

Tonight, all around the world, cocktails of all sorts will be raised to ring in the new year, 2007. Each year we promise ourselves certain resolutions, but oftentimes (at least I know this to be true of myself…) we let ourselves slip as the months go by and we retire right back into our old habits.

So this year I propose a different way of going about those ‘new year’s resolutions’. A big fan of to-do lists, last January a friend and I sat down to create a ‘To Do in the New Year’ list and placed 5 items on our respectable pieces of paper. They ranged in topic from learning how to make a great mojito to getting a guy to commit. With our lists in hand we set forth to place checks in the tiny boxes by each to-do item and this approach seemed to really work!

So try to make your list and the things you place on it don’t need to be drastic items like ‘Lose 50 pounds’ or ‘Fall in Love’. Have you just been craving a Burberry scarf for years? Put it on your list and use it as a treat for accomplishing other ‘to-dos’ that can be done throughout the year. This way you’re guaranteeing yourself a few resolutions that will become reality and as for the ones you don’t finish? Add ’em to 2008!

Happy New Year to all!


Living Life Like It's Going Out of Style!

December 29, 2006

A WIT learns how to make all things in life better. Whether it be lessons on hostessing, partying, dressing, or cooking- a Woman in Training desires to see more, do more, and be more than any other females. Being a WIT is a state of mind. Being a WIT is a way of life.

Find ways in your city to boost your skills and assets. To get yourself off to a great start- head to Daily Candy. This fabulous site offers a multitude of information on practically everything you could ever want to wear/do/taste/etc! Even better than visiting the site is signing up for your Daily Candy e-mail- a newsletter that arrives to your inbox telling you each day something new that is happenning in your city or a must-see shop/park/art gallery–the list is endless! You can be the first to hear about sales, hot openings, and can’t miss restaurants! This truely is one of the best ways to be a girl about town and continue your training!