If you had told high school me that I would get to test beauty products as part of my job I likely wouldn’t have believed you. After I got my drivers license I used to drive to my nearest Walgreens and spend hours comparing mascara and shampoos looking at prices, claims, packaging – you name […]

Sephora Beauty Favorites

My Favorite Sephora Purchases of the Year + A Fragrance Event to Shop Now


December 15, 2022

Best Holiday Candles I wit & whimsy

The Best Holiday Candles


November 10, 2022

With the holiday season comes the opportunity to burn all my favorite holiday candles and you better believe I am turning my apartment into a Christmas-y oasis with all the best Christmas candles this year. I have tried a lot of holiday candles over the years and the following are the best of the best.

One of my favorite luxuries in life is to take a hot bath. I’ve got the ritual rather down nowadays and typically will listen to a podcast, perhaps drink a glass of wine or I’ll play mellow music as I wind down for ideally 20 minutes. I find this to be one of the most […]

Best Bath Time Products I wit & whimsy

Bath Time Favorites


December 22, 2018

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


May 2, 2018

In following the theme of “Oh my gosh, where did April go?”…May means its almost Mother’s Day (May 13th, mark your calendar!). As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I”ll be seeing my mom in London just a few days after Mother’s Day so I’ve had my eyes peeled for a little something special for her. […]

  Jo Malone candle travel set, $95 C. Wonder Picnic basket, $128 Jawbone UP, $130 Mosaic Photo album book, $20 Pinhole Press stationery, $90 for 50 Shopping for your parents can always be tricky as they may just be the ones on the list who have everything. Here I’ve rounded up some unique options that’ll […]

w&w gift guide : 02 : for your parents


November 24, 2012

Summer 2010 Essentials


May 24, 2010

We got some great shopping in this past weekend and it made us even more excited for summer and an upcoming trip to Mexico! There are some fun trends setting in this summer season and we wanted to pull samples of those quintessential summer pieces! H&M Print dress, $24.95 Nine West Vintage Vedra sandals, $79 […]