One of the reasons I started wit & whimsy over fifteen years ago was to share my favorite products. I have loved beauty for as long as I can remember and I was constantly giving recommendations to my girlfriends. To this day I truly enjoy testing out products and really learning about the science behind […]

What to Buy at the Credo Beauty Sale

My Holy Grail Beauty Products


February 24, 2022

Best Beauty Discoveries 2021

The Best Beauty Products I Tried in 2021


January 13, 2022

Every year I love looking back at my favorite beauty purchases of the year and whittling down the best of the best for this post. One of my favorite perks of wit & whimsy is the amount of beauty products I can test through the year. I try a lot and many never make it to the […]

The pandemic of course wreaked havoc in so many on our lives beginning last year and my body is still feeling the toll as it continues. One of the most recent side effects has been my hair. It’s been feeling weak, it’s been falling out and my scalp started acting up having inflammation issues last […]

Better Hair Health I Hair Brushing

How I’m Taking Better Care of My Hair This Year


February 18, 2021

wit & whimsy 2020 Wish List

My 2020 Wish List


February 5, 2020

As mentioned in my post about my goals for this year, I am working to be more intentional with my shopping this year. As such, I developed a Wish List of sorts for the year to work off of when I want to shop.