As I approach the milestone of marking two years of self employment this week on June 1st, I’ve been reflecting a lot on the past 24 months. In some ways, writing this post feels like just yesterday (and actually I wrote that post over the course of about six months!) The past two years have […]

Looking Back on Two Years of Self Employment I Meghan Donovan of wit & whimsy

Two Years Later


May 31, 2018

All Black Outfit with a Striped Tee

How My Life Has Changed Since Being Self-Employed


February 20, 2018

I hope you all had a good weekend! I know not everyone has President’s Day off and despite my best efforts to take it as a holiday, I failed – ha! I ended up shooting some looks and getting a lot of work done as I have a very, very busy week ahead. To be […]

Today marks one year of self-employment for me! I can hardly believe it, truthfully. It truly feels like I was making the decision just yesterday. Never before has a year in my career gone by so quickly! And never before have I enjoyed a year of work so much.

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What Can Happen In a Year


June 1, 2017