January 31, 2018

Noteworthy Finds I wit & whimsy

Hi guys! Today I’m excited to share a makeover of my monthly favorites series. Starting today and every month moving forward I’m going to be sharing these monthly favorite finds under the “Noteworthy” column. Each post will be a collection of things I’ve been loving, reading, watching, eating, enjoying…you get the point!

Hope you enjoy the refresh on this series & would love to hear your thoughts on these picks!

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Oh my gosh…this show! I’ve been asking literally everyone I see whether they’ve seen this show recently because I loved it so much. Rachel Brosnahan is such a delight in it and I absolutely love the wit, charm and sass the show exudes. It is also amazing how they have transformed New York City back to the 1950s! I binged the eight episodes in an embarrassingly fast fashion and am already excited for season two even though that won’t debut for quite some time.  This show is worth signing up for Amazon Prime if you don’t already have it. Trust.

Kindred Home Candles

My friend Jenna introduced me to this beautiful line of candles (she grew up with creator Brianna!) and I couldn’t love them more. I burned the Frasier Fir candle all December and this month have been loving the Gilded Figleaf. Something unique about these candles? They have a wooden wick! So you’ll hear a bit of crackling which is reminiscent of having a fireplace which I love! They are also a wonderful price point in case you’re not down with splurging for Diptyque on the reg.

The Republic of Tea Get Wellness Tea

I’ve talked about this tea brand plenty of times before but recently added the wellness tea into my repertoire after weeks of listening about the flu epidemic sweeping the nation. Not that I believe this tea will be my ticket to the healthiest winter ever BUT it is said to help build immunity so I’ve been reaching for it during my afternoon tea-sipping sessions. The Republic of Tea’s Get ZZZs tea and Get Lost tea are also favorites of mine. It’s the only brand of tea I buy, in fact!

New Magazine Subscriptions

I totally fell out of the habit of reading print magazines last year but having set a goal of wanting to seek more inspiration this year, I subscribed to both Fast Company & Inc. magazines and just one month in I am so happy I have done so! I’ve been loving tucking into bed with one of these to read various articles on leaderships, innovation and productivity (to name a few topics) and it feels good to read some more business-related articles.

Have anything that you discovered & loved this month? I’d love to hear about it!

p.s. things I loved in 2017 and what a little staycation did for my state of mind.


10 comments on “Noteworthy”

  1. Going to try the candle – thanks!
    And I love INC mag – its my go to when I fly! Its basically a print version of Shark Tank or The Profit – a great peek behind the scenes on all the small businesses who make up a big part of America!

    1. You’re so right! It totally feels like that. They product TOO much content online so I feel like the magazine in print helps ensure I’m reading their articles! If you order one of the candles definitely let me know what you think!! xx

  2. Need to binge watch season one of Mrs. Maisel.

    I love Travel & Leisure and think I am going to subscribe instead of buying only when traveling!

    1. I feel like maybe I was living under a rock not ever having seen wooden wicks before haha! If you buy one do report back as I’d love to hear which scent you got & hear what you think!

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