I just barely made my goal of 30 books for 2022. I think I finished at 31 or 32. There weren’t a ton I loved out of those I read but I also read a lot of light fiction vs. digging into more notable books. I’m hopeful to read 40 books this year and I’m […]

Reading Books

Favorite Books I Read in 2022 (+ Your Favorites!)


January 17, 2023

Francophile Gift Guide

Gifts for The Francophiles


November 9, 2022

I’m excited to unveil my fourth annual gift guide devoted to fellow Francophiles! Not sure what a Francophile is? It is someone who loves all things French! Culture, recipes, traditions – you name it. And after all what’s not to love about being a Francophile? I first fell in love with the French way of […]

I’ve been majorly on a reading kick this summer and it has felt so good! It’s meant less screen time and more prioritizing some good ol’ self care time. I’ve been reading in bed before going to bed, reading on trains to and from Upstate, reading on beaches – you name it – I am […]

Summer Reading Recommendations I wit & whimsy

10 Books Perfect for Summer


July 21, 2022

Self Help Books I've Enjoyed

Self Help Books I’ve Enjoyed


February 3, 2022

I know the self help genre of books can I get a lot of flack. Understandably so. We as consumers often want to buy into fast fixes and bandaid solutions to our problems. And a lot these so called self help books promise this thanks to catchy headlines or marketing gimmicks that attempt to help […]

I hope to make more room for reading this year as last year I didn’t manage to read for pleasure as much as I had intended. This year I have so many wonderful sounding reads that are on my list for the year.  Behold: my 2022 reading list!

Paris Reading I Book Stand

My 2022 Reading List


February 1, 2022

Favorite Books of 2021 I Reading

Favorite Books I Read in 2021


January 11, 2022

I didn’t read as much in 2021 as I had hoped but I did have a handful of books that I really, truly loved out of the 30 or so books I did manage to read last year. I highly recommend the following as you read this year and hope you find at least one […]