Weekly Roundup

September 17, 2021

MM.LaFleur Jardigan Review I wit & whimsy

I felt so wrapped in love by this community these past two weeks and I just wanted to take a minute to thank you all so much for being such a wonderful support system. I’m just so grateful to those of you in my little corner of the internet.

Quick PSA that it’s your last chance to sign up to get my Fall 2021 Sweater Guide! I spent a lot of time this week curating it and it’ll be going out to newsletter subscribers *only*! So get on the list if you want the goods in your inbox next week!

I hope you enjoy this week’s roundup (it’s a hefty one!) & have a wonderful weekend!


Recent Favorite Amazon Purchases

September 16, 2021

Recent Amazon Favorites

Back with another installment of recent Amazon Purchases that I’ve loved.  I love finding the best of the best that Amazon has to offer and then sharing my favorite finds with you guys. And a friendly reminder that I update my Amazon Shop regularly so you can always find more of my Amazon favorites there, too!

Creative Storage Solutions for Small Kitchens

September 15, 2021

wit & whimsy Apartment Tour

After over ten years of living in New York City, I have lived in my fair share of small, tiny kitchens. I’ve had kitchens without drawers, I’ve had kitchens without counter space, I’ve had kitchens with minimal storage space. So to say I’ve had to get creative in making small kitchens work for me would be an understatement.