Weekly Roundup

March 27, 2020

White Tee I White Jeans I wit & whimsy

Highs and lows. Highs and lows. That’s what I keep saying when people ask how I’m doing. But truthfully Wednesday I broke a bit. The tears started and then were hard to stop. By Thursday I was doing my best to reset and was back to my daily gratitude practicing and finding peace in the small things like a sunny day, cozy pajamas and FaceTimes with friends.

I hope you are all hanging in there and also working to find joy & peace in your days as best you can. As I keep saying, we’re apart yet together in all of this. I hope you enjoy this week’s roundup & have a wonderful weekend at home.


A Francophile’s Guide to Staying Inside

March 26, 2020

So many of my Paris, Perfected clients had trips planned for March, April & May that have had to be postponed. And I myself have had to take a pause on planning any future trips to Paris for myself. It led me to realizing that right now we can use our minds and use technology to escape to France for a bit. I hope you enjoy these ideas of how to virtually visit France – and add a dose of Parisian culture in particular – during this time.

Affordable Finds for Spring

March 24, 2020

Cute & Affordable Dresses I wit & whimsy

Its a little bit of a weird time to start talking about Spring clothes as I know none of us are entirely sure when we’ll be heading back outside. But I’ve also been having a little fun perusing new Spring arrivals and am starting to get excited about the light at the end of this tunnel. I really had such a hard time narrowing down my picks for this post because there is so much good stuff online right now.

As with every Affordable Finds each month, everything is under $150. The collage is also shoppable and there are a few bonus picks at the bottom, too.