Blue Apron Wellness Meals Review

October 21, 2021

Blue Apron Wellness Review

I’ve now been a Blue Apron customer for nearly all of 2021 and it’s been a highlight each week to get my selected meals in the mail. I love the variety, the easy prep and so much more about the service.

In June I switched over to being a Wellness menu customer so that my meals each week are auto-populated to their Wellness offerings. Today I wanted to share a bit more about my experience with the Wellness meals that Blue Apron offers.


What to Buy at the Credo Beauty Sale

Credo Beauty Sale I what to Buy

Credo is one of my go-to places to shop for clean beauty – and particularly to discover trending, new & worthwhile clean beauty finds. Today they launched their once annual – yes, only once a year! – sale where you’ll get 20% off their largest assortment of the best clean beauty products.

Credo carries some of my favorite beauty discoveries of this year so I’m excited to share my picks with you today on what to buy from their sale.

Recent Amazon Favorites

October 20, 2021

Amazon Favorites

Back with another installment of recent Amazon Purchases that I’ve loved.  I love finding the best of the best that Amazon has to offer and then sharing my favorite finds with you guys. And a friendly reminder that I update my Amazon Shop regularly so you can always find more of my Amazon favorites there, too!