Things I’ve Bought and Loved – 2021 Edition

January 12, 2022

Favorite 2021 Purchases - Things I've Bought & Loved

As I continue to look back on 2021 this week, I am looking forward today to sharing with you some of my favorite purchases of the entire year. It’s always an endeavor to look back at what I purchased, where I invested and what brands I came back to time and time again.

So in the latest installment of Things I’ve Bought and Loved Recently, I present to you my favorite 2021 purchases. Tomorrow I’ll be sharing all my favorite beauty purchases and be sure not to miss my Favorite Amazon Purchases of 2021.


Favorite Books I Read in 2021

January 11, 2022

Favorite Books of 2021 I Reading

I didn’t read as much in 2021 as I had hoped but I did have a handful of books that I really, truly loved out of the 30 or so books I did manage to read last year. I highly recommend the following as you read this year and hope you find at least one that you love as much as I did!

My Favorite Amazon Purchases of 2021

January 10, 2022

Best Amazon Purchases 2021

Welcome to Look Back week on wit & whimsy! All week long I will be featuring favorite discoveries and purchases of 2021.

First up: my favorite Amazon purchases of the year. I always shop more online than in-store and last year was no exception particularly as the pandemic continued to limit store hours and social distancing remained top of mind. Last year I continued to put my Amazon Prime membership to good use and found some great items I’ve been using and wearing regularly.