Recently we had the chance to try out Dr. Scholl’s For Her products and were pleasantly surprised for the everyday comfort they brought to a working-girl-stuck-in-heels-most-of-the-week. Don’t get us wrong, we love ourselves some shoes, especially heels, so imagine our surprise when we found a product that helped make those eight hours a day we […]

Relief for Those Killer 4 Inch Heels… (oh and a GIVEAWAY too!)


October 12, 2009

Shoe Love


May 15, 2008

This week People reported on Victoria Beckham and her obvious love affair with stilettos. “She’s a busy mother of three – so why does Victoria Beckham insist on always wearing sky-high heels while running errands and going shopping? ‘I just can’t concentrate in flats,’ she told the U.K.’s GMTV on Thursday.” Well, Posh, I couldn’t […]