10 Pieces to Buy Now at Old Navy

March 5, 2016

I was in Old Navy the last two weekends and man, do you they have a lot of cute stuff for Spring right now! Had to share 10 pieces you should 100% look at adding to your wardrobe. I saw all of these in person and they are great and of course, oh-so-affordable.

My favorites include this zip up which is perfect for going to/from the gym, this little bag that looks way more expensive than it is and this peplum tank that would look great paired with white jeans + a denim jacket.

I should also note that nearly everything I included in the above slideshow comes in other colors so be sure to click through to see the full offerings.

Happy shopping!

2 comments on “10 Pieces to Buy Now at Old Navy”

  1. I’ve found so many great pieces at Old Navy over the past year, and I’m loving these 10 you found! I’ll have to make a trip there soon and stock up on some spring goodies!

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