A Proposal

October 18, 2015


For as long as most people can remember, we’ve all imagined what our wedding would be like, right? Personally, since I was a little girl, I’ve imagined getting married in Colorado.

I’ve written before about being 30 and single or working on finding balance and settling priorities (I feel weird about saying finding love is a priority, but does anyone else struggle with this? If something isn’t a priority than is it not important? That’s a post for another day….!)

But what about the proposal? Kay Jewelers reached out asking if I’d help consider spreading the word about their Proposal Plan campaign in which they are offering a fun quiz to determine the type of proposal that would be deemed “perfect” in your own world. And given that I’m single, I don’t think it was until this project that I ever gave much thought to my idea of a perfect proposal.

Want to know what I figured out? I’ll never know the perfect proposal till I meet the right guy, but what I do know is that I’d like it to be intimate (no one else around, please!), 100% a surprise and done somewhere that is special to us as a couple or somewhere that has an utterly romantic vibe such as Paris (where I’m lucky enough to be blogging from right now!) I know some people like a lot of fanfare or they want to know when it is happening, but I hope when I’m near that time in my life that what I feel in the moment is love, excitement and fully present. (My results from the quiz deemed me “The Private Proposal” due to the above…)

So, curious what your perfect proposal looks like? You can take the Kay quiz and not only be entered to win one of 10 $100 gift certificates to Kay jewelers, but if you and your significant other are in the market for a ring (exciting!), you can email your plan (what girl isn’t guilty of dropping helpful hints here or there…), and your love will receive a special offer on the ring.

And be sure to follow along on the Kay Jewelers Proposal Plan Pinterest board where I’m pinning some proposal inspiration!

So now do tell…have you thought about your idea of the perfect proposal? What would it entail?

Thank you to Kay Jewelers for partnering on this post.

[Photo from my trip to Paris last summer. Follow along on my current trip right this way!]

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