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March 7, 2016

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Like many people, some of the most treasured items I own are such because they hold sentiment for me. A clutch that was my mom’s, my grandma’s last bottle of Chanel No. 5 and many jewelry items that were my grandma’s as well that sit neatly in my jewelry box and only come out for special occasions.

I’m actually not one to buy a lot of jewelry for myself but it’s something I want to begin investing in so I have items to be passed down someday. I went through a phase a couple years back of wearing lots of statement necklaces, tons of stacked bracelets…you remember the style. The pieces were affordable but not built to last for years.

Eco Friendly Diamond Pendant

Nowadays (and maybe it is something that has come with age), I’m much more drawn to minimalist pieces. More often than not you’ll find me wearing just a watch, one ring and a very simple necklace like this one from Diamond Foundry. I do have a few items though I’ve invested in over the years as keepsakes for the future, but I want to do it more (perhaps when I move out of New York and have more space?!) Since I treasure so deeply pieces that were passed down to me, I hope someday a daughter or granddaughter of mine will want to carry forth something I wore and loved to be her own. There’s something so special about heirloom pieces in a family and jewelry holds that special quality that makes it associated with occasions and memories and I just love that about it.

A bit more about this necklace from Diamond Foundry…The company is all about diamonds that are environmentally responsible and ethically pure. They are each created in California and the brand was just recently opened to the public. If you like science, their story is actually pretty incredible. Created by Silicon Valley engineers, the diamonds are hot-forged (vs. earth-mind) to create real jewelry-quality diamonds. Unlike diamonds mass-produced in industrial mines, hot-forging is actually a small batch process making the gems very rare (far less than .01% of the quantity of diamonds mined from the Earth.)

Everyday Essentials

You can learn more about Diamond Foundry and their eco-friendly diamonds at their flagship website which offers a marketplace for diamond jewelry by award-winning jewelry designers all of whom are committed to ethical materials and sustainable sourcing.

Happy Monday, all!

[Bekka Palmer Photography]

Thanks to Diamond Foundry for partnering on this post.

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