Springtime Flowers

April 11, 2009

weddings_flowersWith Spring comes so many wonderful things that make me happy- sunshine, springtime dresses, warm weather and one of the best of all: beautiful flowers.

I just picked up a beautiful bouquet I had made for my Easter hosts (they’re practically my second family!) and I always love all the options fresh flowers provide.

My advice for the best bouquet? Instead of picking out a pre-made one, go to your local florist and ask for a sales associate. Tell them what you’re looking for and the price range in which you’d like to stay. From there, they can help build you the perfect bouquet that will let you leave with a smile. The best part about asking for a custom made one is that you can learn from watching the florist. Take notice to how they arrange the buds, what accents they utilize and which flowers stand out and which ones have supporting roles. And if you’re not sure, ask what each one is- this is the best way to learn to be able to do it yourself.

I’ve always meant to have my mom teach me how to arrange flowers (all women should know how to do this, right?) and yet I’ve never gotten around to it (my mom is the best gardener- her gardens are truly beautiful). So someday hopefully I can get some lessons or take a call, but for now I love just working with a florist. There’s something about a fresh bouquet of flowers that makes me so happy. Are you the same way?

photo courtesy of Real Simple

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