3 beauty tricks to try out

April 19, 2016

3 Beauty Tricks to Adopt I wit & whimsy

You know how in that episode of Sex & The City where they talk about SSB: Secret Single Behavior? Well the other title of this post could have been SBB: Secret Beauty Behavior. A few things I do that are little tricks up my sleeve when it comes to my beauty routine!

In honor of Tuesday…I’m spilling 🙂


You know how you always wish you remembered to do a face mask or whiten your teeth at home but never seem to find the time? I’ve finally figured out how to make sure I do those beauty regimens I want to keep up but often feel like I just can’t be bothered at night (my bed will be calling me!) I have started putting my whitening strips on or my face masks on while I cook dinner. For the nights I am home and making dinner at mi casa, before I start prepping things, I’ll apply a face mask or whitening strips (or both if I’m very on top of it!) and set a timer. Often by the time my meal prep is done, so is my beauty treatment. Talk about feeling productive!

All White I wit & whimsy

Cocktail your lip colors

Sick of your same ol’ lip colors? Try layering them! I love doing this to get what feels like a new shade. The Burt’s Bees lipsticks are super hydrating and not overly thick so they are ideal for this. My favorite current combo for this is Magenta Rush + Iced Iris (I’m wearing them in the above photo!) The two together = a perfectly pink pout for Spring. Apply color #1, blot (with a blotting sheet – I find these work better than tissues) and then apply color 2 and blot a second time. I recommend putting the darker shade on first followed by the lighter shade and if you need a little extra blending, use a lip brush.

Chill out your eye cream

Do you use an eye cream in the morning? I swear by this practice as I wake up with really puffy eyes most mornings and recently I’ve started stashing the cream in the fridge for a nice cooling effect upon application. I like to believe it helps the de-puffing process but it also just feels really good. Bring on the heat, summer!

What are the beauty tricks you swear by?!

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Thanks to Burt’s Bees for partnering on this post.

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  1. Annie Reeves says:

    Love the mixing two lipsticks tip – I find myself doing this all of the time when the lipstick I’m looking for happens to be missing or in another purse 🙂

  2. caitie says:

    the eye cream in the fridge tip is a good one–especially during the summer! i also keep any aloe or after sun lotion in the fridge as well just in case i spend too much time out in the sun.

  3. Mil says:

    Ooh, I’ve never tried putting my eye cream in the fridge, but I love doing it with facial mists. And I’ll have to attempt some beauty treatments while cooking…SBB for the win!

    xo Mil

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