4 crewcuts items I’d totally wear right now

December 13, 2010

J.Crew’s crewcuts is pretty much too cute for words. There’s several items I would nab right now and wear for myself, too. They include:

Spotted Tulle skirt, $68

Sequin Glamour tee, $78

Cashmere, Glimmer Sweater dress, $228

Boogie tee, $58

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5 comments on “4 crewcuts items I’d totally wear right now”

  1. Seriously, I love the styling of crewcuts so much, often more than the grown-up clothes (for girls AND boys!) – if only there were a crewcuts nearby that I could try it on to gauge sizes, I would totally buy it. The shoes too, but there I have no hope. I guess my only consolation is that the stuff’s not really cheaper than the adult merchandise, even though it’s children’s.

    Like this post; glad I’m not alone.


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