A Guide to the Perfect Messy Pony

October 14, 2015

Your Guide to the Messy Pony I wit & whimsy

A large part of why I choose to keep my hair long is because I love to be able to wear a ponytail. I’ve loved the style for as long as I can remember but I have to admit that the gorgeous silky, shiny pony isn’t quite my style. I prefer a messy, texturized look that appears as though you just threw your beach-y waves up in an effortless manner. The trick however? It’s not so effortless haha! That being said it’s also not that hard.

So today I’m breaking down the steps I take in order to achieve my own messy ponytail (as seen above!) Here goes:

Prep your hair.

You want your hair to have the right product in it in order to achieve the proper texture for a messy pony. Before you dry your hair, cocktail in your hand a smoothing cream and a de-frizz serum. Work throughout your hair. Then add in this to your ends to help keep them smooth while in the ponytail.

Blow dry.

Cut down on blow dry time by using the Eco Tools Ultimate Air Dryer Hair BrushThis unique brush is specially designed to dry hair 40% faster for less heat damage and quicker prep time. Great for detangling right out of the shower with anti-tangle bristles that nurture the hair and scalp while brushing and styling for a smooth, shiny blowout. I just started using this dryer and really love it so far.

Curl your hair.

Since the end goal is for the look to be rather piece-y and messy, I recommend using a wand to curl your hair. A 1-in wand one works best for me and remember as you work around your head that perfection is not the goal. Section your hair in half and then into 2-3 inch pieces and wrap away from  your face moving around the crown until all pieces have been curled.


If you’ve read this blog for a while you know that I have a massive love affair with this spray. Apply it all over, particularly to your roots to add volume up top which is key for a messy ponytail. Brush through from mid-way down your hair to the ends ever so softly.

Pony up!

Gather your hair in an elastic and aim to secure it squarely at the center mark of the back of your head. (I personally leave my part exposed as I like this better for my face shape – hello, big forehead!) Once secured, slowly squeeze on your ponytail to adjust the height on the back of your head. As you tighten, the volume will begin to build. If you feel like it’s not as secure as you’d like, add another elastic for extra support.


As a last step, use the thin end of a teasing comb to pull out pieces on the sides of your pony for a bit more volume so that the look from the front isn’t severe but rather soft.


…et voila! A messy pony that’ll last you all day.

Special thanks to Eco Tools for partnering on this post.

[Bekka Palmer Photography]

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