A Journey to Wellness (and Weight Loss)

August 11, 2016

A Journey to Wellness I wit & whimsy

A blogger's journey to weight loss

Today I wanted to share an update on my pursuit of wellness and a bit about my journey to losing weight I put on following my move to New York nearly six years ago. I’ve talked a bit about it before and most recently touched on it when I shared my favorite workouts in New York.

Today’s post is in partnership with Flywheel as last month they reached out asking if I’d like to be an ambassador for them after seeing what a fan I am (I’ve been going to their classes for years.) I actually took my first Flybarre class back in 2012 followed by trying their spin class that same year. I still remember my first spin class I ever took in fact. My girlfriends dragged me to a class at a random gym and I was petrified. Now it is my all time favorite way to get cardio workouts in.

You Run I I Fly

You see 2012 was actually a year of experimentation all around because my body had started to betray me when I was diagnosed with Graves’ disease – a form of thyroid disease. After my diagnosis it was like my symptoms went into overdrive but because of how awful I felt I was coping by eating for comfort (I was hungry all the time) and I was so lethargic. Not to mention the incessant overheating and sweating. Or the swelling. One time I took a flight and couldn’t put my shoes back on after it…The whole ordeal was really, really hard. The pounds packed on quickly.

My happiness suffered and working on this blog in particular became so difficult. I was hiding from the camera, declining opportunities with brands that involved photo or video shoots, avoiding events at all costs and introducing series like “Outfit Inspo” so I could keep producing content that didn’t involve having to show myself. I tried to find a post to link back to that indicated how severe the weight gain was but I couldn’t even find one because I was hiding. I was on medication for my symptoms but it wasn’t working. So I eventually had my thyroid removed by radioactive iodine and…it didn’t work. They had to perform the procedure again seven months later. The road to recovery was long and hard. Thankfully the second time took and today I am on a maintenance medication to replicate the functions of a thyroid and have been feeling so good for the past year.


It took me a long time to shed the weight I had gained during my battle with the disease. (There was a friend’s wedding I was in where I didn’t even recognize myself I had put on so much weight. I think about 30-35 pounds total…) Once my medication was working though I finally felt I was up for the challenge. And I took it seriously. One of the best things I did was start going to workout classes because it meant I couldn’t back out (or I’d get charged for the class) and it also meant the time was carved out on my calendar and couldn’t be moved for something less important. (More of my productivity hacks are here.)

My best advice is to figure out what makes you want to workout. Running…spin…barre, whatever it is…dedicate the time to finding it and then commit. Go all in. And add some variety. And don’t reward yourself for every workout. Add the workouts to your calendars AND your to do list so you can constantly be reminded of your responsibility to yourself.

What I learned in the process of taking the weight off was really valuable. Sure, I now work for myself and have the flexibility of working out when I want and I don’t have kids or a husband, but I learned that if you really find the workouts that work for you, you’ll want to make the time for them. I learned that taking pride in your body is important and treating it well is even more important. I still eat too much sugar (must get back to this habit!) and, if we’re being honest, too many frozen burritos. I don’t get enough sleep or drink enough water. I still have no definition in my arms (actively working on that!) and I could afford to lose a few more pounds, but we all have room for improvement and what I really want is to just look at my body and feel good about it and not stressed about it. And I do now.

Flywheel SportsI don’t always look forward to my workout classes, but I’m always glad I went after. I’ve been going to Flywheel + Flybarre exclusively this month and love that I can get both of my favorite types of workouts (spin + barre) in at one studio. I’m also glad places like Flywheel exist that finally make cardio fun. (And also 100% #blessed they opened their latest studio around the corner from my apartment – HA!) These days my energy is restored, I’m working out usually 5 times a week, getting friends involved to hold me accountable and enjoying the journey to a healthier, happier me who wakes up every morning really, truly excited to carpe diem.

A Journey to Wellness I wit & whimsy

Have you guys experienced something similar with weight gain / weight loss? Have you found a workout rhythm that works for you? I would love to hear about it!

p.s. 30 things I learned by 30 and lessons I learned from my first (and last – ha!) half marathon.

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Thanks to Flywheel Sports for partnering on this post.

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  1. Andrea Schubert says:

    xoxo love this post and wish i could still work out with you everyday 😀

  2. Wow Meghan, thank you so much for this post! I can 100% relate because I’m going through something similar. I have digestive issues (overactive bacteria) that basically keep me permanently bloated. I’ve tried antibiotics and probiotics and nothing has made an impact. It’s really frustrating! It’s so hard to feel like I look good when I have this big, round, very prominent stomach every day. And I’ve definitely been hiding from outfit posts, which makes me sad because I love my blog. But this post gave me a lot of encouragement. So thank you!

    • Meghan says:

      Adelle, thank you for sharing your story! Keep at trying to find a solution – even if it’s alternative in nature (I loved when I was going to see a Chinese medical specialist in fact!) You will hopefully find relief soon! I’m so glad you found encouragement in the post – things will get better!! Hang in there xo

  3. Melina says:

    thanks for your honesty. it is def not easy scheduling in workouts several times a week as a mom, wife, employee and then some, but the feel is amazing afterward. A big part of it is in our minds. I’ve always worked out, but constantly said “i am not a runner” and was instilling failure in myself. then one day i said, “shut up self” and i just went out and ran. now almost a year into it and i am running up to 5 miles on a good day and not feeling like death is upon me! LOL. I actually enjoy the run out in nature. I look forward to the warmth of the Miami air or the rise of the sun! I go at my own pace and don’t stress about how long, far or hard I ran. The goal is just to GO and once I am in my sneakers and have my music ready, I always know it was better than sitting on my couch! plus it makes my mind clear and makes this mama a happy camper! keep the path. it is a lifestyle and a journey but so worth it!

    • Meghan says:

      Melina, I love this!! Good on you for putting mind over matter and recognizing how strong you are! Maybe I could be more of a runner if I had the backdrop of Miami- haha! I miss it! Love that you shared a piece of your wellness journey – hugs to you! xx

  4. Lulu says:

    LOVE this post… especially the part about reminding ourselves to not reward ourselves after every workout… #guilty. Have you tried barre3? There’s one in West Village and if you’ve liked Flybarre, I think you would like it a lot!

    • Meghan says:

      Right? I allow myself so many sweets and really need to get myself over my massive sugar cravings. I’ve never tried barre3 but will definitely look into it – so appreciate the reco!

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