A New York Staycation

July 7, 2016

View from The Roger Hotel in New York

New York Staycation at The Roger Hotel

Even after living here for over five years, I still had never done a proper staycation at a hotel in New York City. I always loved the idea of doing so but never got around to booking one.

When The Roger invited me to check out their property though, I instantly knew spending a night during my birthday weekend would be such a nice little respite.

A stay at the Roger Hotel

Staycation at The Roger Hotel NYC

With many years of business and personal travel under my belt, there’s still something special about staying in a hotel and even something adventurous to do so in your home city. A night away from your apartment where you can see a new part of town, unwind at night and awake to a beautiful breakfast spread…it’s such a nice way to treat yourself.

The Roger Hotel is located in the Gramercy area of the city and has a very sleek, modern and downtown feel to it (despite it being nestled slightly above 14th street.) A beautiful lounge and bar at the entrance make it a great spot to rendez-vous for drinks and you can also dine at The Parlor which features casual fare and a breakfast buffet in the morning.

My friend Alyson and I were treated to one of their several rooms with a small terrace and believe me when I say…reading the newspaper with an iced coffee in hand and the Empire State building towering overhead on a beautiful summer morning was quite literally one of the most blissful moments I can remember in recent memory.

Dinner at the Parlor in NYC

I so often get asked for recommendations on where to stay when coming to New York and I thought The Roger had it all. A good location, good food, friendly staff and a comfy bed. It made waking up in New York even better than most days.

A Stay at The Roger Hotel NYC

If you end up checking them out and want to make the most of your stay getting to know the neighborhood…a few favorite spots in the area of mine include Penelope, Chaise Fitness, Shake Shack and Eataly.

Have you ever done a staycation?

p.s. My guide to New York City.

Thanks to The Roger Hotel for partnering on this post.

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  1. I’ve always wanted to stay at a hotel in the city too! Seems like such a fun luxury, plus I’m always curious as to what the rooms are like. Love the area this is in – especially the new Rizzoli Bookstore near Eataly…and ABC Kitchen! The best.

  2. Annie Reeves says:

    I looooove a good staycation! Though I have the NYC itch right now, and I’d much rather fly up there for a quick trip 🙂

    xo, Annie

  3. I stayed at the Andaz Hotel on 5th Avenue for a mini staycation. Well, it was half and half. I had an event at the New York Public Library across the street and we arrived early in the day, got to relaxed, had a lobster roll, did a little damage at Zara and then managed an event at the NYPL and returned to the Andaz where I had complimentary snacks and food. My boyfriend joined after work, we were in our ropes, had a little bubbly and just relaxed. We were so close to home but there’s something about staying at nice hotels. Had a great experience.

    MariaOnPoint http://mariaonpoint.com/ | Find me on IG https://www.instagram.com/mariajabad/

  4. Thank you so much for staying with us!! We’re so happy you enjoyed the weekend and a staycation is always the best — I also love exploring areas of the city I never have an opportunity to get to. We appreciate this review. ~Christy on behalf of The Roger Hotel

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