A tale of war and beauty

January 19, 2010

This is one of the most touching and beautiful stories we have heard in quite some time.

Lovetta Conto is sixteen years old and was born in Liberia, West Africa but fled to Ghana as a refugee with her father when she was young due to the civil war in their country. After growing up as a refugee, Lovetta set out to change her future and build a life for herself. With the help of many, Lovetta was able to make her vision a reality.

Bullets littered across Africa gave Lovetta the inspiration to take something as ugly as a bullet that was fired in a war and make it beautiful. Thus was born the Akawelle necklace. ‘Aka’ for ‘also known as’ and ‘wel’le’ meaning ‘love.’

The history of each necklace begins in Liberia with the many thousands of bullets were fired during the war. Even though the war ended in 2003, bullet casings are still scattered across the country.

Lovetta handcrafts her leaf pendants that are made from melted bullet shells and inscribes each with the word “life” to remind us all that new life can begin after hardship. The most touching part? When you order a necklace or bracelet, 100% of the profit goes toward The Strongheart Fellowship.

To read more about Lovetta and her beautiful craft, visit her website.

The beautiful designer, Lovetta Conto

Akawelle necklace, $120

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