Mini Guide to: Card Sending Turned Easy

September 29, 2009

Black Pearl Press - Its Your Day (Detail)We hate being late. For a variety of things, but we definitely hate when we’re late sending a birthday card, congratulatory card, you name it. That’s why it was great to hear about – a website that is helping to avoid that “sorry this is so belated…” opening line to your cards. And we know we love cards. allows you to plug in all your important dates throughout the year, select accompanying cards (for pretty much ever occasion imaginable) and as the date nears, Jack Cards will send you the card already stamped and addressed. All that’s left for you to do is jot your personal note. Very cute idea indeed! The service is free to use, you just pay for the cards themselves.

The cards cost as low as $1.50 and are only 49 cents to ship. Check them out and sign up if you’d like here!

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  1. ANG* says:

    i wrote about them last year some time (ummmmm here’s the link: and the owner was so cute and commented and said thank you. don’t be surprised if the same happens 🙂

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