Mini Guide to: Going Green

April 1, 2009

Some thoughts on how a WIT can “go green”!

This can apply to SO many things if you just pay attention to your every day actions. Need some ideas? Try a reusable bag to do your shopping (Lululemon gives these with all purchases- so generous! I use mine every week). Or how about a plastic water bottle vs. buying bottled water throughout the week? All this re-using adds up for the earth!

Light It Up
Use compact florescent light bulbs instead of normal bulbs and you’ll save money on your electric bill. If you live in California, PG&E even offers special rates & rebates on more energy efficient bulb.
Clean Green
Use products like Arm & Hammer Essentials to get your home in tip-top shape. Green cleaners use plant based ingredients to help you get rid of dirt without the harsh chemical fuels or harmful cleaning agents. A&H Essentials even helps you reduce packaging which cuts down on the amount of waste you produce- genius.
WIT & Whimsy also wants to know: what have you done to change your lifestyle in order to help our environment?

photo courtesy of Arm & Hammer

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  1. Annie says:

    literally just saw an ad for this cleaner…buying some tomorrow!

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