A WITs Guide to: Still Celebrating the Season

November 12, 2008

Last year my roommates and I threw a “Holiday Housewarming” party. We were about five months late on the housewarming part and Christmas was right around the corner, so it was only fitting. We had such a great time and it’s definitely on for those of you lovelies in SF this year. My point? Holiday parties are just one of the best parts about the whole season.

I know what you’re thinking though. “If I’m a WIT on a budget, how can I throw a worthwhile and witty party?” Well, I’ll tell you. Mint.com (great personal finance website btw) published a very cute and useful quick guide to throwing just that: an affordable holiday soiree.

The article highlights “5 Tips for Throwing a Holiday Party Recession Style.” It comes right in the nick of time as companies like Marc Jacobs (!!!) are cancelling their company festivities because of a cut back on funds. So sad. Anyhow, the article will tell you everything you need to know and is definitely a fun read. The holidays are all about celebrating so however you may- make sure you do it as much as you can!

Share your best “home for the holidays” tips here, too!

photos courtesy of bbc and Real Simple

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  1. Lily says:

    AHH! Your timing is totally perfect! I’m sprawled out on my couch right now writing invites to a holiday party that’s going to not officially be a Housewarming, but WILL be the first party in my new house! Thank you for posting this! I’m so excited to read the tips!

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