w&w Guide to: Summer Essentials

August 15, 2008

There are certain things in life that just scream summer. They make your heart flutter a little when you think about them in the dead cold of winter and they make up the moments that you savor about the three months of the glorious season that is summer.

I have quite a few things that I think are necessary in a WIT’s summer…summer essentials in my mind…so I thought I’d share a few.

1. The beach.
No matter your locale or destinations for the summer months- you must find a way to make it to the beach. It’s an absolute necessity and this summer I was lucky enough to make it to the beaches in hawaii AND tahoe!

2. Summer fruits.
Whenever possible (salad with stone fruit, berries and cream, juicy, sweet pluots)!

3. Iced cold cocktails.
Margers (with grand marnier floaters of course!), vodka lemonades, sangria- you name it. but they must be over ice and they must be enjoyed in the sunshine.

4. Weekend getaways.
No matter your hometown, you can always count on finding a destination for a quick trip. The Bay Area (god bless it) offers wine country, Santa Cruz, Lake Tahoe and little towns like Sausalito. Take advantage of the bed and breakfasts, shops and company wherever you land.

5. Spa day.

Relaxing during summer is a must. I find a Saturday to devote to do this and my favorite way is through a spa day. Grab your girlfriends and head for manis & pedis or book yourself a long and luxurious massage.

6. Frozen Yogurt.
As much as you can possibly get! It never tastes as good in the Fall or Winter and with summer fruit atop your flavor choice can be just heavenly!

7. Shopping!
But of course. Summer is the perfect time for finding wedges, skirts, darling dresses and cute, but cool tops. Head to the boutiques in your city as they’ll offer more unique lines and can often have great summer sales you can take advantage of!

Now share with us WITs some of your own summer essentials! What elements make up your perfect summer?

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