A Guide to: Surviving the Economic Crisis Without Sacraficing Lifestyle (Part I)

October 6, 2008

Amid this economic crisis in which we are all finding ourselves, I thought I’d begin an installment on how to live in these turbulent times without having to sacrafice a WITs so well earned lifestyle. Enjoy and please feel free to share other ideas on how to pinch pennies without compromising chicness.

Where else can you find simple, yet sleek clothing all practically under $20? Where else can you walk seven steps from the tanks and tees to cute headbands and belts? Where else can you grab your signature blush, face wash, interior decorating accents and the latest chic flick? Seriously- I could talk forever about my love for Target. Bottom line: Fresh, Affordable, Fashionable and Fabulous.

Let’s be honest- when your computer screen announces in massive red letters that the Dow has fallen 700 points, it doesn’t make you just sigh or gasp- it makes you do that AND start to kill for a glass of wine. Satisfy this craving without breaking open your piggy bank- you can get delic and cheap wine at Trader Joe’s (i.e., Barefoot) for a couple of dollars. In my mind, that makes the nectar that much more delicious.

Pack your lunch
If you added up all you spend on meals out a week, you’d probably feel a little sick. At least I do when I realize what I spent on carbs instead of clothing- damn. So I’m hereby claiming (yet again, blast!) an ode to bringing my lunch to work and not spending my precious dollars on unhealthy and frankly, never that good, food.

Dry Clean with Caution
“Dry Clean Only” can sometimes be a bit over-dramatic if you ask me. This is why I always make sure what I choose to dry clean is utterly necessary. Hand washing is a completely do-able option and takes just as much time. The next time you’re setting aside what needs to be hiked up to your local corner cleaner, take a look at the tags again and decide what absolutely, positively must be put in the hands of an expert.

photo courtesy of Real Simple

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  1. bianca says:

    Target and Trader Joe’s make me soo happy. Whenever I buy something from either store, I feel like I got the most amazing bargain.

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