A Year Ago on WIT & Whimsy – January ’09

January 15, 2010

At the begining of what turned out to be such a fun & exciting year for WIT & Whimsy we had tons of fun posts and resolutions (don’t ask us about the status of those by the way…)

We learned a lesson in modern love (aka: if you’ve ever Googled a guy, you should read this)

We explored all the hype behind Lululemon and then found out why it was fab

We shared one of the best pictures of Kate Winslet ever and Mrs. O in her Jason Wu

Gave tips on how to conduct smart snacking (yes, it’s possible)

Drooled over this little LaRok number that frankly we still want for Vegas

We looked at how to still shop and work it during the recession

And finally, we shared some of the most gorgeous wedding photos of all time. Go ahead, you know you want to look

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