November 3, 2012


Sandy was a doozy. Plain and simple. My heart is breaking for those that faced utter devastation losing their homes, belongings, businesses and livelihoods. So while I was displaced from my home without running water, cell service or power, it could have been so much worse and I was lucky enough to be in good company this entire past week. I was so empowered by the spirit in New York over the course of the storm as amidst the suffering there was grace, support and kindness shown.

My apologies for the lack of posting this past week but I couldn’t face talking or even thinking about fashion or beauty (I remained in leggings, sneakers and without any makeup for the whole of the week) but I am using this weekend to “reset” if you will. I spent today volunteering out in Brooklyn making meals and sorting donations for those whose fate was much worse with Sandy and should you be in the tri-state area, I urge you to do the same as there is so much need in so many communities. Try here and here.

[photo source unknown]

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  1. Annabelle says:

    I couldn’t really muster attention for anything else last week either, even after the power, and much later, the internet and cable returned. I’m glad you made it through okay; I’m feeling pretty damn lucky too.

  2. megan says:

    prayers and love and hope to you and your neighbors and co-new-yorkers xoxo. thanks for writing this and being present to your emotions and experience. love you.

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