Annual Reader Survey

April 17, 2019

wit & whimsy I Sweater Blazer | 2019 Annual Reader Survey

Annual Reader Survey

Today I am so excited to be launching my annual reader survey! It’s like a means of spring cleaning for and in past years, this reader survey has been immensely helpful as I shape the site, my social presence and most importantly, the content I produce for you guys.

I value your opinions SO greatly and want you to please know how grateful I am for you taking a few minutes to fill this out if you have the time. If you have 10 minutes over the course of the next week, I’d so appreciate you sharing your opinions with me! No matter whether you’re a longtime reader or a newer reader, your opinion matters! I read every, single response in detail and really do put your suggestions and opinions to work. (Hopefully longtime readers can attest to this!) It is anonymous so your honesty and candor is appreciated!

You can take the survey here:


p.s. last year’s survey results and lessons learned in blogging.

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  1. maple says:

    hello – For question #3 in the survey, you are asking to rate based on numbers. Should I assume 1 is high and 7 is low or vice versa?

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