August Favorites

August 15, 2017

wit & whimsy August 2017 favorites

I’m excited to be sharing my August favorites with you guys today! All products I’ve been using and loving of late. Enjoy!

DryBar Hold Me Clips:

So while these clips were created to help do a blowout in sections, I actually use them to sleep in now to maintain a good blowout! I used to sleep with my hair down but now after hearing people rave about these clips, I watched a few YouTube videos and now know that I can put my hair up in a bun carefully, clip it and just put it down in the AM! They don’t crimp hair at all! File under: Lifesavers.


Move over, La Croix. I have been loving Spindrift of late! I first discovered the grapefruit flavor at Trader Joe’s and then the brand was kind enough to send me a package of additional flavors. The grapefruit remains my favorite still but I also love the cucumber, lemon & strawberry!


For years Taylor told me to watch this show and now after binging the first three seasons I truly can’t believe I didn’t listen to her sooner! I love this show. It’s produced by Darren Starr (of Sex & the City fame) and while the cast doesn’t seem intriguing at the onset, it is beyond well curated. I couldn’t get enough of the 21 minute episodes and now look forward to every week when a new episode is on! You can watch it on Hulu now if you have a subscription to that.

DoTERRA Essential Oils:

You may recall I recently spoke about my new regular use of the DoTERRA Lotus Diffuser each night that I’m at home. I have truly been loving using the DoTERRA essential oils that can be used for a variety of purposes. I love how the grapefruit is uplifting for during the workday and then using the peace oil for night to bring calm into my apartment is something I look forward to prior to going to bed. DoTERRA also does a great starter kit if you’re interested in starting to explore using essential oils!

p.s. my August Beauty Edit and my experience with meditation.

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  1. Jenn says:

    Hi Meghan! Do you mind sharing the YouTube videos that helped you with doing a bun with the Drybar clips at night? Really working to preserve my curls/blowouts. Thanks for any info you can share!

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