Unique (and Awesome) Beauty Products You Need to Try

September 21, 2016

Unique (and Awesome) Beauty Products You Need to Try

This post may as well as be my September Beauty Edit but each of the below are really cool products I’ve tried and loved. They are each on the unique side meaning formulations or results I’ve not previously experienced with other products so worth mentioning that!

So read on to read about the good goods!

Onomie Illuminating Eye Treatment:

At first I wasn’t sure if I loved or hated this stuff. It’s a lightweight, velvety mousse aimed at brightening your eye area but it goes on like a highlighting cream or illuminator so I was a little surprised by that. (It also claims to reduce fine lines & wrinkles over time thanks to the inclusion of Vitamin C but we will have to wait and see on that). That being said after applying it (a little goes a long way), I next applied my favorite corrector, followed it with under-eye concealer and was very pleasantly surprised by the results! My eyes looked more awake than they ever have before coffee. Particularly great for those post-red eye kind of mornings…!

Alterna Haircare Bamboo Smooth PM Anti-Frizz Overnight Smoothing Treatment:

Ok so this product is something I wouldn’t ever really believe its claims but since I got it at a press event and I suffer from frizzy hair I decided to give it a go. And you know what? It’s pretty awesome! Not only does it smell awesome, hardly any work is required. Finger comb it through your hair and while you sleep (don’t worry it won’t harm your pillowcase) it goes to work to nourish and condition. You wake up with smoother, softer hair that fights humidity. If you have curly, unruly or humidity-prone hair, look this stuff up. (I would not, however, recommend it if you have fine or greasy-prone hair.)

Alterna Haircare Caviar Style Grit Flexible Texturizing Paste:

YOU GUYS: This stuff! Color me obsessed. I got it at the press appointment I had last month when I met Katie Holmes and I’ve been using it on my new shorter do ever since. It adds the most insane texture. If you have short hair, it gives that piece-y texture you want on your ends while also giving hold to your heat styled curls (if you’re like me.) You only have to use the smallest amount (and avoid using on your roots.)

R + Co Dry Texturizing Spray:

If you’ve been reading here for a while you know I am obsessed with this stuff. So obsessed I wrote a whole blog post about it. I live for it. It is the one hair product I make sure to pack when I travel, too. Unlike any other dry shampoo you may have tried.

Tatcha Pore Perfecting Water Gel:

So I laughed when I went to write this post as I saw the bottle label had changed to add the “moisturizer” descriptor which makes perfect sense as I wasn’t sure what this was when I first was sent it! It’s really lightweight and absorbs quickly but I’ll caution you to use very little. The formula and texture is super cool – a very lightweight gel. I like to apply it mostly as a nighttime moisturizer after I get out of the shower. It is, however, meant to be used pre-makeup as it has gold dust in it to give skin radiance. But hey, just call me a rule breaker.

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