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October 19, 2009

Hi lovely readers! Editor in chief, Meghan Donovan, here. As you may have noticed, I just took a much needed vacation back to my hometown of Chicago for the past week and therefore have been a bit off the map! It was great to relax and unplug, but I missed all of you w&w readers!

Secondly, I wanted to finally get to acknowledging the Federal Trade Commission’s latest rulings on engagement with bloggers, celebrities, etc. To be clear, WIT & Whimsy is all editorial and we plan to keep it that way.

WIT & Whimsy has never taken money for a product review. We will never take money for a product review.

Products reviewed on WIT & Whimsy can fall into two categories. Many of the products we review have been sent to us by publicists. If we like ‘em or love ‘em, we write about ‘em. And we write fairly. If there is a negative attribute to the product or we feel there is a shortcoming, you’ll read about it. We also always note in our editorial copy that we had the opportunity to test out a particular item or were sent it on complimentary basis. This is common practice in journalism (which is also why we feel it strange that magazine editors are not subject to the $11K fine the FTC is threatening for improper disclosure.) We also turn down lots of offers because we only test and cover items that fit into our regular editorial content. We want to always have posts on what we think our readers will like- tell us that’s why you love WIT & Whimsy, too… 🙂

Additionally, this is why we get to offer such amazing giveaways because we want to share the items we love so much with our loyal and fabulous readers. We always properly disclose that the company has been kind enough to provide us with the beauty product, household item, etc.

The second category of products reviewed by w&w have been purchased by our editors. We decide what to write about, when and how we feel about that product or service. We wouldn’t be lifestyle bloggers if we didn’t have obsessions with fashion and beauty and the fabulous lives of city girls. The reason WIT & Whimsy was created was to share all things related to living life like it’s going out of style- and we will continue to do so.

And there you have it. Much love to all the bloggers out there. We now return to regular programming about fashion, beauty and all things witty!

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  1. Hello,

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    I’m exploring new opportunities and venues to showcase my work. I invite you to visit my blog:
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    I welcome any comments, suggestions or advice you care to offer.

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