Bathtime Bliss

October 9, 2009

beau bainYou know those nights when you’re so exahusted from the week and all you want to do is unwind? Well we had one last week so we determined it would be the opportune time to test out some of the bath balls that Beau Bain was nice enough to send our way.

Beau Bain’s line boasts bath bombs, scrubs and cremes. Their signature product is that of a “Bath Bomb.” They are hand-made in Portland, Oregon, with ingredients from all over the world. We love Beau Bain because not only are the fragrances they have delightful, their products are all paraben, sulfate free and not tested on animals.

We used the bath bomb that was white tea and ginger scented and it was heavenly. The bath bombs disolve in the tub at a pleasant speed and the smell is not overwhelming.  Our skin was left feeling soft and mositurized and we’d totally recommend you try out some of their products!

photo courtesy of Beau Bain

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