Beauty Rituals To Do Before A Big Event

February 6, 2017

Beauty Rituals To Do Before A Big Event

Beauty Rituals To Do Before A Big Event

We’re in the midst of awards season but I’m also in a wedding in two weeks so I got to thinking about those beauty rituals I start to mentally pencil-in in the weeks and days leading up to a big event. The below are all great if you are a bride, bridesmaid, have a birthday party coming up or even just have a big work event that you want to put a little more effort behind your appearance.

Do you guys have any big event beauty rituals you swear by? I’d love to hear them!

Get a peel.

Last year I was introduced to glycolic peels and I became hooked! Now, it should be known you can get peel pads that have glycolic acid in them to use at home but if you want the real deal that will have you glowing for several days, I highly recommend you visit a Peel Bar by BeautyRx. You can only get a certain percentage of glycolic acid at a store, so the Peel Bars allow for you to get the maximum 30% glycolic applied by a professional. The acid, left on for just two minutes, leaves your skin glowing and much smoother and it even helps with any breakouts or blemishes you may be experiencing.

Your pores are unclogged and makeup + skincare products go on more easily following. The best part? There’s no downtime, redness or irritation. You can get one once a month and I like to do one before any big event.

Whiten your teeth.

I got my teeth professionally whitened last year, but prior to that I used Crest 3D White Whitestrips in advance of any big event. Usually the week leading up to the event I would apply the whitening strips every day until the big day. I prefer the Professional Effects kind as they only stay on for 30 minutes. I have sensitive teeth so if I experience any sensitivity I just take a day off. (Other favorite drugstore beauty buys of mine can be seen here.)

Get your brows done.

Whether you maintain your brows regularly or not, getting your brows maintained before a big event can open your whole face up and make sure your eye makeup really stands out. I prefer to get my brows threaded (at Benefit Cosmetics) or just tweezed (at Sisley Paris) and if you’re doing a peel be sure to avoid any waxing.


Get that skin prepped by making sure you have a good exfoliator you can use. For body, I love this One Love Organics body polish and also this Fresh brown sugar body scrub. For face, if my skin is acting up I always reach for Kate Somerville Exfolikate (it can keep pesky flare ups at bay so reach for this if you tend to break out) otherwise I love the Mario Badescu Botanical scrub (great value and good if you have sensitive skin) or this MAC scrub if I want my skin crazy smooth. (PSA: This last one can be a little messy so I recommend using this one in the shower.)

Use a mask.

Pick a face mask that targets your exact issues leading up to the big day. Experiencing dryness? Reach for a hydrating mask. Pores clogged? Get a clarifying mask. (This one is my favorite and only $18.) Just want to tighten and smooth your skin to prep for your makeup? Try this sheet mask! You get the picture…


It’s been years since I used a self-tanner in all honesty but when CVS sent me this new Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer, I was intrigued. You apply it after you’ve showered and before you get out to towel off. I followed the directions using a small amount per area and then just patted myself dry. After one use I was impressed by the subtle glow it gave my (very) fair skin and it was so much less stressful than using the original Jergens Natural Glow I used to swear by gearing up for weddings and vacations.

It still smells some but isn’t as bad as I remember it being. This was by far the most low maintenance self-tanner I’ve ever used…I highly recommend it! (And of course it is best to use following one of the aforementioned body exfoliators!)

Touch up your color.

If you color your hair you know that roots can get in the way and cause last-minute hair appointment drama. I’ve been personally trying to cut down on the number of hair appointments I have. So I’ve been looking at other ways to extend my color between salon visits. I started testing out this Oribe root touchup (in Blonde) and was pleasantly surprised by how it worked.

You do have to spray it carefully and try to avoid your part (my first attempt ended up with me using a Q-Tip to remove the product from my part line!) and I recommend using your fingers to massage it in a bit like you would a dry shampoo. It washes out so this is a day-of touch-up and thankfully the canister is small enough that you can travel easily with it!

I also use this glaze that my colorist recommended to neutralize yellow tones that tend to start showing after a few weeks if you’re more of a cool blonde like me. It doesn’t help with the roots problem but definitely revives overall color.

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