Beauty Routine Updates for Summer

June 1, 2016

Summer Beauty Routine UpdatesWith the change in seasons I always make some updates to my beauty routine. Anyone with me on that? Small tweaks that make a big difference to account for the shift in the weather and more exposed skin (off the shoulder anyone?)

Cooling Masks

Have you tried sheet masks? They feel so good on your face! I’ll put one on while I’m finishing up tasks before I go to bed. It’s an easy multi-tasking method to do two things at once.

Amope Pedi Perfect Rechargeable Wet & Dry Foot File
Foot Care

With sandal season comes the reality that your feet need more upkeep. As I mentioned in this post, the Amopé Pedi Perfect Rechargeable Wet & Dry Foot File is a worthwhile tool to have in your arsenal. I’ve started using the file in the shower as a quick extra step on Sunday nights so that my feet are literally starting the week looking ready for open toed sandals or heels. In case you’re unfamiliar, the Amopé gives you soft feet by getting rid of dry skin and can be used either wet or dry and then you easily recharge the device. It’s like doing an at-home pedicure. No trip to the nail salon required to keep your feet looking sandal-ready. You can purchase it here.

Body Scrubs + Oils

I think so often we associate scrubs and oils with treating dry or flaky skin in winter when really they are both great for summer as well. If you use a hydrating scrub you’ll even out your skin (prepping it for sunscreen or self tanner) and with more shaving of your legs this time of year (ughhh), your skin will benefit from mild exfoliating. As for oils, I’ve tried some really bad ones but now I have two that I love to put on after I shower and before I go to bed. They are lightweight and make skin oh so soft and smooth. This one is amazing but does have a scent. And this one is pretty scentless and has an excellent price point.


When in doubt, top knots. (And by doubt, I mean humidity.) It’s the best hair style to go-to for summer so if you haven’t yet nailed the way to do this style, make a texturizing spray and dry shampoo your best friend. Combo them together and make your hair big and full of texture before you put it up.


Class is in session and today’s lesson is…Sunscreen: carry it everywhere! Get travel sized SPF and tote it around in your bag. If you’re like me, you think of SPF for your face when you’re getting ready in the morning (it’s in my moisturizer and powder) but so often in the summer we find ourselves in spontaneous sun-drenched situations and don’t have sunscreen on us so we expose our skin to UV rays that we all know are so damaging. This time of year I start to have sunscreen on me so if I want to join friends at the last minute for a sidewalk session of rosè, I can say yes and then apply my SPF to my neck/shoulders/arms/etc.

(That being said I don’t have a favorite brand…any you guys would recommend?)

Makeup Setting Spray

On a good day I leave the house having set my makeup. But during summer? It’s a step I never forget due to the humid temperatures. This one requires just a spritz or two and you’ll be thanking your lucky stars that your makeup looks like it was just done for up to 16 hours.


What summer beauty routines do you swear by?

Thanks to Amopé for partnering on this post. Visit them on Facebook.

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  1. try kiehl’s super fluid to keep in your handbag! it’s tiny and great for mid-day applications!

  2. GF says:

    know this is a bit delayed, but I love the tarte tarteguard sunscreen (and comes in a small size to stick in my purse!). has a lovely scent too that I like and makes it feel less sunscreen-y!

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