My Favorite Parisian Pastime and the Best Breakfast Spots in Paris

October 26, 2020

Breakfast in Paris I wit & whimsy

As the founder of En Route to Rêverie one of my very favorite things to do when I visit Paris is to wake up early and take a slow walk to a favorite or new breakfast spot. I tuck into an outdoor table, order my petit déjeuner and settle in for people watching and soaking up all the magical sights and sounds of the city.

Breakfast in Paris I wit & whimsy

The pastime of petit déjeuner in Paris is a lovely one and you’ll find on most cafe menus the classic combo of your choice of croissant (regular/chocolate), a coffee and an orange juice. It’s just a lovely way to start your day the moment that croissant pops down with a bit of beurre and confiture and your hot coffee and your deliciously sweet and tart (often fresh pressed) jus d’orange.

Not all cafes are equal and generally, I avoid those around the biggest tourist spots and on traffic circles or squares as sometimes the service and food is just not as good. But when you’re in a pinch, I do appreciate that pretty much anywhere you can get a seat to watch the city life go by.

The Best Breakfast Spots in Paris

Cafe Marlette

This is a delightful bright + airy breakfast spot with a robust menu. There are several locations in the city.

Cafe de Flore

While a hot spot for tourists, it remains a Parisian institution and I adore having breakfast outside here whenever I’m in Paris. It never gets old!

Trieze Au Jardin

If you’re looking for a more American style breakfast, look no further as this spot is owned by a Southerner turned Parisian. The place was so popular that they grew out of their initial location and now they reside near the famed Jardin des Luxembourg.

parisian style breakfast

Coutume Cafe

If you find yourself in need of some good coffee and a light breakfast with in the 7th, head to this lovely coffee shop with plenty of seating.

Bread & Roses

Several locations and always filled with more Parisians than tourists you can get a solid, reliable breakfast here. 

Le Bonaparte

My feet take me here nearly every trip to Paris. It’s on a lovely square in Saint Germaine primed for people watching and it also happens to be so photogenic. 

Les Deux Magots

Another storied Parisian cafe with loads of history. It’s just down the block from Cafe de Flore.

Claus Paris

This is a nice spot for a casual breakfast or lunch. On the weekends they serve a popular larger brunch with prix-fixe options. Claus has several locations.

Cafe Charlot

This charming corner cafe on a wonderful street in the Marais is a favorite of mine for lunch but it is equally as wonderful for breakfast.

And of course, just as wonderful as sitting at a cafe for a petit déjeuner, is also the ability to pop into any boulangerie and get a fresh or warm pastry first thing in the morning.

parisian style breakfast

A few favorites of mine include the pain au chocolat from Maison D’Isabelle, the croissants (or any pastry really) from Du Pain et Des Idees and a variety of others that I reserve for my En Route to Rêverie clients!

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  1. Jessica Camerata says:

    Claus is one of my favorite spots in Paris. I still think about the charming space and delicious food. I love the little cafe across the street. I always grab a coffee to wait since there’s always a line!

    xo Jessica
    an indigo day

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