The Best Coffee Shops in Paris

March 2, 2023

Pieces of Paris in NYC I wit & whimsy

I would never describe myself as a coffee snob as frankly I’m usually fine with whatever caffeine is put in my cup but Paris is probably my favorite place to truly enjoy coffee. As the founder of Paris, Perfected I am in Paris often scoping out new places but I also always am sure to carve out time to really enjoy a good café terrace with a coffee in front of me.

They have so many wonderful spots and I typically make a habit of visiting lots of them on every trip. 

No matter how you like to enjoy your coffee or what your preferred cup is – today I am sharing the best coffee shops in Paris for you to enjoy.

The Best Coffee Shops in Paris

A good thing to note about coffee culture in Paris – the coffee shops are not like they are in many spots in America when they open with the sun rising. Many don’t open till 9! I can’t tell you how many times I have set out to have a coffee before a 9AM meeting only to find a place closed. As always with Paris, opening hours are a guessing game, so I always recommend that you look at a place’s opening hours before you head there and expect them to be open. 

Best Paris Coffee Shops I wit & whimsy

Best Paris Coffee Shops I wit & whimsy

Best Coffee in Paris I wit & whimsy

Cafe Kitsune

This popular spot started as a hole in the wall within the interior courtyard of the Palais Royal but has expanded to several other locations in the same neighborhood that boast more seating but I am still partial to the original in Palais Royal.

They have darling takeaway cups that have become Instagram famous and also serve up tea cakes and cookies.

The location just outside the gates of the Palais Royal also has a good public restroom.

Le Peloton

Fan of cycling? I’ve got the perfect coffee shop for you. This charming spot in a location just off Ile Saint Louis and near the Marais caters to cycling culture but also brews a good cup in a sunny and welcoming spot.

Best Coffee in Paris I wit & whimsy

Ob La Di

 This tiny spot is a gem in Le Marais and I love their beautifully tiled floors. They serve a small menu of food in addition to delicious pastries and a very kind staff along with free wifi.

WHITE Coffeeshop

A new hole in the wall spot for takeaway coffee on a favorite street of mine in the Marais. Perfect to grab coffee before or after a visit to Place des Vosges or the Picasso museum nearby.


Another great Marais option, fringe is an espresso bar and photography space that serves single origin specialty coffee, tea and chocolat chaud alongside simple, healthy food.

Best Coffee in Paris I wit & whimsy

KB Cafeshop

In one of my favorite neighborhoods that boasts more locals than tourists, this is a great spot to enjoy your coffee outside before or after you head up the hill to Montmartre. Rue des Martyrs is also very worth a stroll.

Telescope Coffee

Telescope offers some of the best coffee in Paris and is tucked away on a little street a stone’s throw away from popular sites like Le Louvre and Palais Royale. There’s plenty of seating so it is a great spot to get together with friends for a pick me up. 

Artesano Coffee

A newcomer in the 4th arrondissement and just steps away from the Seine, this bright and airy coffee shop also sells some pieces of art and offers some charming benches outside to enjoy your coffee en plein air.

Best Coffee Shops in Paris I wit & whimsy

Boot Cafe

I adore this spot in Le Marais that is housed in a former cobbler’s shop. There’s only about 3 seats so prepare to take your coffee to go.

Yellow Tucan

Nearby Boot is also Yellow Tucan. Just near Place des Vosges, Yellow Tucan is a sunny spot serving specialty coffees, pressed juices & pastries.

I.O Café

Tucked away in the Haut Marais this spot has some tables outside that are perfect to enjoy your coffee on a sunny day. If you’ve ever been to Fragments before it closed, you’ll know this spot. I.O took over the former Fragments space.

Once you’ve enjoyed your coffee, head down the street to OFR Bookshop – one of my favorites.

Best Coffee in Paris I wit & whimsy

Dreamin Man

A newer hole in the wall coffee shop you could easily miss while walking by but worth the takeaway cup if you can’t nab one of a few seats.

Cuppa Cafe

A hole in the wall spot in Saint Germain this place is a charming spot to take a rest and grab a good coffee.

Saint Pearl

Cuppa’s sister cafe is easily spotted usually due to the line out the door. The spot is super cozy and therefore usually has a wait for their pancakes, yogurt bowls, avo toast and of course their coffees.

Paris I wit & whimsy

Coutume Cafe

This is a big and beautiful cafe in the 7eme and great for either a quick coffee or breakfast or lunch. Head to Le Bon Marche and La Grand Epicerie to browse before or after.

Not going to the Left Bank? You can still enjoy Coutume’s coffee by popping by their outpost just off Rue Saint Honore.

Ten Belles

If you plan to go to the hipster and artsy 10eme arrondisement, hit up Ten Belles which is one of the best known coffee shops in Paris. The coffee is excellent and so are the pastries. Wander along the Canal Saint Martin while you sip or head to brunch at HolyBelly afterwards.

Alternatively, the brand has expanded and now offers locations in the 6eme as well as other arrondissements.

Cafe Pigalle Paris Khaite Sneakers J.Crew Trousers Fall Outfit

Café Pigalle

With a charming store front and just below the Montmartre neighborhood, check out this cute spot for a good cup next time you’re in the northern 9eme.

Back in Black Paris I wit & whimsy

KB CaféShop

Coffee roasters since 2010 and sourcing beans from all around the world, this spot in the 9th serves up a great cup and has some seating outside if you luck out with a sunny day.

Back in Black

From the team at KB, this is a newer spot that’s great for a coffee date thanks to ample seating. The space is so light and airy and the staff friendly.


I always pop into Passager when I am visiting the 11eme arronidsement to go to Promenade Plantée and Rue Cremieux. It has the coolest vibe and I will also always remember it as the place I nearly forgot to pay! Unlike the U.S., this spot serves you your coffee to enjoy and then has you pay before you depart. Well, one time I forgot this only to step one foot out the door and realize. I turned around apologetically to some very shocked faces on the baristas – ha! This spot is nearby several of my favorite hidden gems in Paris.

Best Coffee in Paris I wit & whimsy

Arabica Paris

Located in one of Paris’ oldest and most charming passageways this is a great spot for a little takeaway coffee. They’ve since expanded past their original passage location and you’ll find other Arabica spots in the city.

Boris Lumé Café Pâtisserie

This bright and airy spot in Montmartre is one one of my favorite streets in La Butte and has great pastries alongside coffee. 

Related: A Guide to Paris’s Montmartre Neighborhood

Motors Coffee

Motors opened in a spot in the 1st that I don’t totally love (Les Halles) but often find myself in given its proximity to so much. I’m happy to have a reliable spot now for a takeaway coffee! They serve specialty coffees & baked goods in industrial-chic vibes.

Saint Laurent Coffee Shop Paris

YSL Rive Droite Cafe

I’d be lying if I said I went to this store for the cups more than anything else. But how chic, non? It’s a literal hole in the wall around the corner from the brand’s Saint Honore flagship store.

Café Nuances

A newer spot in a great location nestled in Paris’s 1st arrondissement – this is a chic place with great speciality coffee. Their beans come in beautiful bags, too which I think makes for a fun souvenir to bring home.

Update: They have also now added a small outpost in the 8eme arrondissement.

Café Verlet

This spot has been making home-roasted & single-origin coffees and teas since 1880. Located on the famous Rue Saint Honoré, this spot is home to cozy tables as well where you can order hot chocolate, have tea service or enjoy other simple dishes.


. . .

How to Order Coffee in Paris


Do you have a favorite spot to get coffee in Paris?

Are you looking to know more about the French way of life and get insider tips for an upcoming trip to Paris? I would love to work with you! Book a Paris, Perfected plan with me today.


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  1. Margo says:

    So envious but in the nicest way! I’m Canadian and looking out at 6 feet of snow, it started snowing in early November and today’s temperature is -20C (-4 Fahrenheit) . Loved the Cherry Tree blooms in London ( my favourite city). Also, love your pink dress. Can you really wear that in Paris and not be cold??. Also like your coffee shop run down. Keep on enjoying!

  2. Love this list! And going to add Hardware Societe opposite the Sacre Coeur (just checked and it’s still open) for the best iced lattes and brunch, and Cafe Marly for the best view overlooking the pyramide du Louvre (and the resident cat, Richelieu, who likes to sunbathe on the wall there).

    But seriously, how soon can we go back??

    Briony xox

  3. Pam Newman says:

    I have been following you on Instagram for a while. My daughter lived in NYC right out of college and has since moved back to Alabama, but it was fun to find spots on your blog to share your adventures with her. My husband and I are going to Paris for our 30th wedding anniversary at the end of March. I have traveled many places, but never to Paris. Your blog has helped me in planning my itinerary. I love all of your great suggestions for where to go, eat and stay! I am getting excited as my trip drawers near. A few questions for you – I love your wardrobe, but I have read that Paris is around 50-60 degrees (our trip is 3/29-4-6). I am wondering if the clothes you have on this week will work for me. While I love your red sleeveless dress, is this typical of the weather or is it more a sweater with a leather jacket? Also, I want to squeeze in as many of your recommendations for the charming places to eat, but since it is my first visit I also want to see as many of the sites as possible without feeling to rushed. I have heard dinner is a long process, but would love to eat a bit early and do something afterward like see the Eiffel Tower or take a cruise on the Seine. What time would you recommend having dinner to allow us time afterwards and not get caught in the experience of a French dinner. We will do this once or twice, but not every night. Do you recommend reservations for most of the restaurants you have recommended? Enjoy your trip!!! I can’t wait to get there myself.

    • Meghan says:

      Hi Pam – how fun you’re going to Paris for the first time – I am so excited for you! It will be rather cold still. I’ve been in May and still been in layers so I would recommend a good winter coat and some nice sweaters. These photos I’m sharing have all been taken at different times of year amidst my various travels to Paris. I would say as long as you go to dinner on the earlier side it won’t be that long of an affair. I typically eat around 7 whereas Parisians are more so around 8:30 or 9. The cruise along the Seine is one of my favorite experiences! I do recommend reservations for dinner when you can get them as it makes for a smoother dining experience. Have the best time!

  4. Caitlin says:

    All your travel posts of London and Paris are making me want to book a flight to Europe as soon as possible. There really is nothing quite like sitting in a cafe in Paris drinking coffee and watching the world go by! I still find myself wishing I could find somewhere in the states that mirrors that feeling.

    • Meghan says:

      I hope you get to go soon, Caitlin! And so agree about mirroring the experience here. I do take myself out to lunch occasionally (and always on my birthday!) but it’s not the same as the cafe scene!

      • Malou says:

        I will be visiting Paris next week and was therefore reading this post. It is funny that ”abroad” always feels more special and hard to mirror that feeling somewhere nearby. I live in Europe and Paris is a 5-hour drive for me, but I have only been there twice before.. But when friends go to the States or Asia, it seems more special. Reading this makes me appreciates that I’m surrounded by so many beautiful countries here!! 🙂 And thanks for all the helpful tips, Meghan!

        • Meghan says:

          Well this comment totally made my day! You’re so right that it is easy to forget to cherish our every day surroundings – I know I do sometimes living in NYC! Thank YOU for this little reminder 🙂 I’m so glad to have you as a reader of wit & whimsy.

  5. Sarah says:

    I used some of your recommendations when I was in Paris for a few days over new year – thank you! It was partly your writing on solo travel & being single in your thirties that made me decide to be brave & treat myself to a solo trip ? I also had the best dinner at the bar at Ober Mama!

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