The Best Gifts for Family

December 6, 2016

The Best Gifts for Family

Sometimes those we know best can be the hardest to find the right gift for! For my family members, I always want mine to be equal parts personalized to their needs but as thoughtful and unique as it is practical! It can mean being on the hunt for quite sometime till you find just the perfect item so today I’m rounding up some unique gifts for the male and female members of your family. Whether they travel a lot, cook a lot or are a new parent, there’s something for (almost) everyone in today’s gift guide!

Are you guys mostly finished with your shopping? I finalized mine this past weekend – phew!

Enjoy the next installment of the gift guides – hope it’s helpful!

  • Have a sibling who is a new parent? Gift this beautiful nursery addition.
  • For the family member with a sweet tooth, this is a gift to behold! My family has these every year on Christmas morning and they are so, so amazing!
  • For the coffee lover or retiree, give them a new gadget to up their barista game.
  • This unisex weekender is high quality and perfect for the guy or girl on the go.

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