Blue Moon…the good kind.

August 2, 2008

It may not be the most WIT drink out there, but I do love a good beer when the occasion is right (read: baseball games, day parties, last few drinks at a bar on a night out, casual outdoor activities, I could go on…)

My favorite, by far, is Blue Moon. A glass filled with this light, Belgian style, pale ale could not be more refreshing. Brewed in Colorado, it’s my drink of choice when I’m out in Beaver Creek & Vail in the winter and summer- it somehow manages to taste best there.

While it’s available in bottles at your local grocery store, it pales in comparison to having a tall glass straight from the tap. Never let it be given to you without an orange slice and I’ll give you a warning right now: You’ll never just have one. It’s too good. Smooth, full bodied and slightly spicy- this beer is a delicious choice year round.

So while some WITs choose the beers with the lowest calorie count (I’m not naming names 😉 ), I go for Blue Moons because in my eyes it’s the queen of beers. Now, head to your nearest neighborhood bar and get a cold, foamy one on tap (It’s five o’clock somewhere…it’s five o’clock somewhere!)

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