Brands w&w loves: Theory

November 18, 2008

There are certain brands you covet. One of mine is Theory. It’s a designer I’ve typically passed by because, at first glance, you pretty much see tailored pants and collared shirts. But, upon closer inspection, Theory rocks my world.

Silk tops you could easily pair with jeans for a night out or tuck into high waisted dress pants and walk into a conference room. Shift dresses with sleek pockets and deep V’d backs. Darling swing sweaters and perfectly cut shorts. Theory has so much to offer and honestly, if I were stuck only wearing a few brands for the rest of my life- this, without a doubt, would be one that I’d choose.

A drawback? Theory is just so expensive. There’s no way I can justify $358 for a dress- even if it would be perfect for staffing a media event for a major client. I also can’t justify $156 for a top that would be best suited with jeans and heels for a cocktail hour. Soooooo frustrating. So, while I have to usually admire from afar, I have in-fact been able to get some great pieces at good deals, but this WIT still yearns for more.

My theory for a WIT to get Theory? Always, always scrounge, sift, sort and analyze sale racks. Go to Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s and Saks often so you’re not missing three day sales or special deals. It’s how I’ve found my favorite Theory items and you can do the same.

Side note:
As I went to write this post, I just learned that Theory has a blog! And it gives special sale alerts and discounts! In the words of Gossip Girl: O.M.F.G!! Not just in theory, this is fabulous news!!! Time to bring out your inner “Theorista” they say!

photo courtesy of ShopBop

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