Brontibay Paris, Ma Cherie

July 6, 2009

BrontibayParisPralineClutch_208Whilst we were living in Paris some years ago, we happened upon the most wonderful bag shop in one of our favorite arrondisements, the Marais (4eme), brontibay paris. Brontibay’s handbag lines are sleek and sophisticated, but come in such a delightful array of vibrant colors, you’ll find yourself having a hard time deciding just what color to go for!brontibay

While not yet a household name, Brontibay has been seen across the pages of Elle, Glamour, Lucky and Marie Claire for years now and we know why. The prices are spot on for what you’re getting (the bow clutches here retail for about $40. Naturally, we stockpiled several as they make the perfect gift), the shapes are unique, the materials utilized are of the utmost quality and there’s a near 100% guarantee that you’ll get compliments and the ever so desired, “I love that! Where ever did you get it?!” What girl doesn’t adore hearing those words??

While not readily available in the U.S. (yet!), brontibay does have a shop online. We know international shipping rates arent’t the best, but for these gorgeous bags, we think they are worth it! Or, you could always take a trip to Paris…that idea doesn’t sound too bad either! 🙂

photos courtesy of Lucky & Daily Candy

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  1. MizzJ says:

    Cute bags and I am definitely loving the reasonable price point.

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