Be Bronzed…Grab Maui Babe

July 1, 2008

I just returned back from vacation in Hawaii and let me tell you– I am already experiencing extreme withdrawals. I want to be taken back to the sun, the surf, the sand, the cocktails and the blissful R&R experienced while on vacay…

But alas, while I do not know the next time I will be in Hawaii, I do know that I brought back a piece of the islands with me in the form of my 12 oz bottle of Maui Babe. Available only in Hawaii (but able to be purchased online now as well), Maui Babe accelerates the sun triggered tanning processes in your skin, eliminating long torturous hours cultivating your tan.

It’s safe for all skin types — even the fairest and most sensitive (yes us Irish gals have to put SPF on beforehand, but seriously- this stuff even works on those of us who are fair skined and freckled!)

Maui Babe is a suntanning lotion made from an old secret family formula, mixed from natural Hawaiian ingredients, including aloe and soothing moisturizers.

My girlfriends and I swear by this stuff! So as we continue into our summers- find a way to get your hands on a bottle of Maui Babe because we all know- a WITs just got to have her bronzed and golden skin all year round! (And just say NO to tanning beds too!)

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