My Brooklyn Parisian Apartment Furniture

May 6, 2021

Room and Board Aria Table and June Chairs

After I moved to my new apartment, I began measuring my space oh-so-carefully and searching high and low for pieces that would provide me the storage and functionality I needed but that would also fit with the Brooklyn Parisian aesthetic I was going for in my new place.

Studio apartments – and frankly many apartments – in cities require you to find pieces with rather specific sizing. So when a friend in Minneapolis recommended I look at Room & Board stating that her family’s furniture was all from there and really well made, I headed to their site to investigate. When I tell you I was tickled to see that they offer many of their styles in a variety of sizing – I am not underselling my joy. I couldn’t believe the variety offered when it came to Room and Board’s designs. 

I realized not only would I be able to select pieces in sizing that was truly perfect for what I needed in my new space, but I also could customize everything from the stain to the hardware on the pieces ensuring the pieces felt “me”.

The idea of doing this really appealed to me because I felt like I kept seeing so much of the same stuff on Instagram and Pinterest. It felt like everyone was shopping at the same places these days and just like I like to shop for special accessories and pieces that have people asking “where is that from?” – I wanted the same for the pieces in my apartment this time.

Last summer, I visited the Room & Board store in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood and was so impressed with the variety of styles and designs they offer. The brand is all about trend-proof designs and American craftsmanship. Their pieces balance modern lines with timeless details so you won’t tire of your piece in a few years to come. 

I consulted Proper Shoppe to help me choose the pieces and they really pushed me out of my comfort zone. I trusted their expertise and when the Room & Board pieces arrived in late January I wish I would have filmed my reaction to each. I am absolutely in love with them. They are perfect in the space, they add so much sophistication and they really helped complete the vision we had worked on together. Each piece is so well made and so beautiful that I find myself months later admiring them. 

90% of Room & Board’s furniture and decor is made by American manufacturers so they are able to support local communities, economies and craftspeople here in the U.S. This also allows for all the options you see in each piece so you have the choice of a truly custom feeling piece. American manufacturing also helps Room & Board have more sustainable processes (ethically sourced materials, quality construction that helps pieces endure year after year, etc.) and it helps bring value for the pieces you’re buying.

wit & whimsy Apartment Tour

Room and Board Aria Table

I am so excited to have a dining table! I haven’t had one for years and it is so wonderful to be able to eat my meals somewhere other than the couch! The Aria 27″ Round Table also serves as my desk and it is the perfect little work nook during the day. The June Side Chairs in Fabric have such a beautiful French feel to them and are so comfortable to sit in as I work and as I dine.

Room and Board Bree Chair

The Bree Chair in Arin Fabric is such a looker. I love how it completes the living area and it’s so comfortable. The perfect chair for a guest to sit in and to read a book.

Room and Board Hudson Dresser

How do I love the Hudson Six-Drawer Dresser? Let me count the ways. This dresser holds so much and the charcoal stained wood is just so striking. I also love the quiet-close drawers! 

Room and Board Kenwood Cabinet

The Kenwood Storage Cabinet with Ceramic Top is the first thing you see when you come into my home and I love how visually beautiful it is against the patterned wallpaper. Not to mention this cabinet holds so much! It was the perfect storage solution I was looking for in my foyer and the gorgeous black ceramic top is the cherry on top of this piece. I love that it has two pull out drawers that help keeps things looking tidy, too.

I have never had such a good experience with furniture delivery in my life before Room & Board. Their white glove delivery service was not only priced reasonably ($179) but their team came on time within the specified window (this never happens in NYC!!!), they all wore masks and gloves and they carefully unwrapped every single piece of furniture and placed it in the exact spot I specified. 

I have had so many bad delivery experiences and so many bad customer service experiences with other furniture companies that I don’t ever want to give them my business again. Based on how impressed I was with Room & Board and how in love with the pieces I am – I know I will be a customer of theirs for life.

And funnily enough, when I began to mention Room & Board to friends and family as I was awaiting my pieces it felt like everyone would say “Oh I just love Room & Board! I’ve had a [insert piece] of theirs for years and it is still my favorite!” Truly their pieces stand the test of time and I just love that.

If you have a home project you can also consult Room & Board’s Free Design Services – no matter your project size or budget. They can also do virtual design consultations if you’d prefer to get help from the comfort of your home.

Shop the Pieces

June Side Chair in Fabric (Declan Fabric / Ebony Leg Finish)

Bree Chair in Arin Fabric (Ivory Fabric)

Hudson 50w 20d 34h Six-Drawer Dresser with Wood Base (Maple with Charcoal Stain)

Aria 27″ Round Table (Marbled White Quartz Top and Graphite Base)

Kenwood 42w 20d 35h Storage Cabinet with Ceramic Top (Wood Ash with Charcoal Stain)

p.s. more of my apartment tour and my custom window treatments.

Room & Board graciously gifted me the product. As always all opinions are my own.

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  1. Erica says:

    I also love Room & Board and agree with your comments on their delivery service! We’ve purchased several pieces from them recently and are saving up for more.

  2. EK says:

    Yesssss agreed! I truly can’t think of another mainstream furniture company that is mostly made in the US, made of real wood, has awesome customer service, and is reasonably affordable for the quality. Plus custom sizes?! They are the best and your apt looks so cute!!!!

  3. Jessica says:

    Hey Meghan! I just ordered my own outdoor Aria table after seeing your post. Can’t wait for my parisian-inspired patio to come together. Your place is beautiful!

    • Meghan says:

      I am so thrilled to hear this! A Parisian inspired patio sounds divine!! Send me a photo once it is done – I’d love to see it!

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