Calling All Suggestions: I'm Vegas Bound!

January 17, 2009

My girlfriends and I are jet-setting to Vegas for a reunion in March and I could not be more excited. (The fact that the Times nominated it the “Frugal Destination of the Year” has also managed to bury 90% of my guilt on spending the money for the trip which was wonderful.)

Here’s the caveat though. A girl can’t do Vegas without some standout Vegas dresses. So I’m taking all suggestions and would love to hear what you all think are good choices to take on the likes of Tao, Jet, etc. Woohoo! The only catch? The cost has to fit the occasion (aka: inexpensive, duh).

photo courtesy of the New York Times

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  1. Leigh says:

    I have never been to Vegas but I am so excited for you! What is your budget for the dresses?

  2. Meghan Donovan says:

    excellent point, Leigh! I don’t think I’ll break the bank over $100 for this occasion (although I would love to :))

    And you MUST go to Vegas with your girlfriends- it’s so fun!

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